Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We Moved!.... AGAIN!

Yes, you read correctly. We moved. Again. But this time, about two hours away from Oklahoma City to Tulsa. That's right! We're officially reppin' the 918.

I've had a lot of questions about why we've decided to move, and the honest truth is that we feel like that's where the Lord is leading our family. See, about a year ago, we left our church, and ever since then, we've felt a bit adrift. After moving into our current home last November, we began discussing the fact that we'd eventually like to head back to Tulsa. You know, maybe in the next couple of years. Well, the Lord went straight to work, and things began to fall into place a lot more quickly than we anticipated. Through a series of events, we felt the Lord leading us to begin our search for a job in the Tulsa area and three weeks from the day that Ryan began applying, he was offered a wonderful position!

Here are a few questions we've received:
1. Where will you live? We are living with my Grandmother ("Nana" as you may know her!) while we search for a house. (Another thing that fell into place during this process: my cousin had been living with my Nana for a couple of years, but he moved out about a month ago, leaving three bedrooms available for us and our two kiddos!) So you know what that means? That means we will be moving AGAAAAIIINNNN once we find a house. But at least we'll already be packed, right?

2. Where are you looking for a house? We haven't really ruled anything out yet as long as it's fairly close to our family and Ryan's job. If the Lord's past provision is any indication (and it always is), then we're just expecting to trust Him, and find the right house in the right area. I think we're secretly hoping for a nice older home that needs some love in a quiet town in one of the surrounding areas like Sapulpa.

3. Will you still be doing photography? Ohhh yes. In fact, I have some things coming up that I'm extremely excited about and I hope you'll LOVE them! I will just have fewer dates available in Oklahoma City, and more available in Tulsa.

If you are a Tulsa-area resident, check out my "Moving Sale" on Facebook!

4. What about my shoot that's scheduled in the Oklahoma City area? If you have a shoot scheduled with me in OKC, never fear. Your shoot will go on as planned!

5. Are you selling your house? Yes. It went on the market yesterday, in exactly the same condition we bought it in. Although we were disappointed that we didn't get to make our desired updates to that house, we know we're heading in the right direction.

6. Are you selling your first house? No. You might remember that we kept our first home as a rental property, and for now, we will continue to do that.

7. Don't you have a website launch coming up? What's that? Why yes, I do! Stay tuned THIS FRIDAY to see the reveal of the new Chelsea Ahlgrim Photography web page!

Thank you everyone for continued prayers and support during this big transition. We're so excited for our new adventure!

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