Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One. Year. Old.

Oh darling boy... I'm not sure I can even find the words to describe how it has felt to be your momma for the past twelve months. You made your way into this world kicking and screaming and you haven't slowed down since. You are 100% boy and the complete opposite of your sister in nearly every way. Louder. Faster. Harder. Rougher. Stronger. But to your very core, you are a momma's boy- sweet and cuddly as can be. The way you reach out for me or crawl to me or wrap your pudgy little arms around my neck makes my momma heart melt into a big mushy puddle. Your open-mouth kisses are the sweetest thing in my world. I watch you from across the room sometimes and I see you learning- knocking over towers, opening and closing doors, chasing the dog, crashing cars together. You pay close attention to the world around you and soak it all in. I only hope that I can keep up with the world from which you're learning. I hope that you would learn from me too. I pray each and every day that God will give me the means to raise you to love Him. I ask for strength and patience as I raise this sweet baby into a *man*. I don't know where this first year has gone, but you've surpassed many milestones. My prayer is that I was able to teach you the most important thing: Love. How to give it and how to receive it. It's the foundation for all things, and now we can start building on it.

You, my sweet Bear, are an absolute blessing that I never knew I was missing. How could my life have ever felt complete before you? I am so humbled that God would entrust such an amazing gift to me. I have very little to offer you, but there are a few promises I can make:

I promise to always nurture your heart and passions
I promise to say "no" as often as I say "yes"
I promise to teach you about grace.
I promise to LIVE out grace in my parenting.
I promise to let you climb high.
I promise to let you fall sometimes.
I promise to help you pick up the pieces until you learn to do it alone.
I promise to show you how a godly woman should act- including being honest about my own failures, and asking for forgiveness when necessary.
I promise to love and honor your father with all of my heart.
I promise to show you how to have fun.
I promise there will be kisses and hugs and cuddles as often as you want.
I promise there will be trials.
I promise there will be disagreements.
But I promise to always do my best to move past these things through prayer and patience.

I love you. I love you. I love you always,

{p.s. see Vesper's One Year letter here!}

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Extra session spots for March!

I've opened up some extra spots for sessions in March! You can email me at Chelsea.ahlgrim@gmail.com or message me on the Chelsea Ahlgrim Photography fanpage on Facebook if you'd like to book a session!