Monday, March 28, 2011

Hall Bathroom Reveal!

Remember how we showed you our newly renovated Master Bathroom a few weeks ago? Well, we’ve been at it again! Except this time, we had some help.

Let me explain. When we first started this whole “homeownership-thing” we were totally inexperienced. We’d barely held a hammer, let alone used power tools. But in the nearly two years since we moved in, Bear has been working towards his degree in construction management. The bonus for me? My very own handyman! I’m telling you, that man can do anything! And he is now a supervisor at a fantastic home renovation company here in the Oklahoma City area.

So when we decided to get rolling on this hall bathroom project, we elected to just bring in his crew and put them to work! Two weeks later, we’ve got a brand spankin’ new bathroom! Remember what it looked like before?




Did you just recoil in horror? That 70s tile? you can’t see it, but there was also wood paneling and a mirrored sliding shower door. *shudder*

Remember when we ripped it down to the studs?

Well hold on to your hats, people because it’s DONE!



Are you in love with it? Us too <3

We’ll provide a breakdown later!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Bedroom Breakdown

Wanna know where we scored our bedroom swag? Here’s the quick breakdown, and a list of what’s to come!


1. Art from Target

2. Paint color: Eddie Bauer Home Craftsman Bungalow Mercer Colors- Mercer Blue (EB32-2)

3. Lamps from Old Time Pottery, sprayed green

4. Bedding from Target

5. Chest salvaged and painted white

6. Night stands from a small furniture store in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. Painted white.

So what’s to come?

-Curtains. Like I mentioned yesterday, the larger window in the room has a set of curtains. It’s time to make a second set to match and cover up those blinds! Plus, it will mask the fact the the window is horribly off center!

-Rug. We can’t find the rug. Not just A rug. THEE rug. Ya know? Plus, we want to find a good deal on one, so we’re holding out for fate to take hold!

-Paint. We love this color, but we’ve sort of out grown the hue. We’d like a more crisp palette to match our bedding, so we’ve elected to use the same grey used in the bathrooms to coat the walls!

-Bedskirt. I have no excuse for this one. I’ve just been putting it off ever since we switched from a king-size bed to a queen. It’s probably time.

-Art. I love the art, but we want something more graphic for this room. Always on the prowl for that perfect piece!

Thanks for taking a peek at our little Sleep Sanctuary!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ahlgrim Haus: The Master Bedroom

After posting our master bathroom renovation pics, I received a few requests to show the rest of our “master suite”. I use that term loosely because let’s be real: we live in a mid-century ranch-style house. Things are a little tight around here! But we love every square inch of it!

It occurs to me that I’ve never shown pictures of this room before. And after looking at these pictures, it also occurs to me that this is because this is one of the rooms on which we’ve spent the least amount of time and money!  But here it is, in all it’s half-finished glory!


Ignore the fact that we have a naked, off-center window. I can assure you that the other window in the room (not pictured) is fully clothed. And ignore the fact that we don’t have a bedskirt… my goodness, our room is totally naked! Oh, and side note, the walls will soon be painted a light grey. (The same grey pictured in our bathroom renovation pictures)



The lamps used to be a bland beige color. I recently got a wild hair and sprayed them a shiny apple green! I LOVE how they turned out! DSC_0202DSC_0204

Come back tomorrow for a breakdown of where we found all of our treasured items in this room!


Monday, March 21, 2011

The Makings of a Weekend: Lidia, Aidyn, and Oscar!

A friend from high school graciously allowed me to exploit photograph her beautiful children! I had so much fun just running around and laughing with them. I hope they had as much fun as I did!








I’m still getting the hang of my new lens, so it was nice to have a few willing subjects! Thanks again, Tasha! ‘Can’t wait to do it again!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hall Bathroom Renovation Day 2

Day twoooo!!! And guess what? It’s lookin’ good! Insulation is in. Sub floor is installed. Drywall and backer board are up. BAM. !e are on a roll!


Day three coming up!


New Lens, New View

Bear gifted me with a new lens for my birthday! It’s a 35mm f/ 1.8 and I must say, I really really love it! It’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s so much better than my little kit lens! Here are a few practice shots I’ve taken:

This one is SOOC. His eyes really are that amazing… I love him.




Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hall Bathroom Renovation: Day One

Not to be confused with our just finished master bathroom renovation. This is the room I hated the most in our house. Check out our bathroom in all it’s move-in day glory!



Then I got ahold of it and tried to make it livable until we could finally renovate. Not great, but still a MAJOR upgrade:



But we finally got to rip it out! Bye bye, ugly tile! Adios dingy sink! Bon voyage, disgusting toilet. We won’t be missing you at all!  We started by tearing down the wood panelling. These people had a major love for this wood panelling stuff in rooms that receive high levels of humidity. (Check out Kitchen Before and After Here)DSC_0311

and we discovered this fancy wallpaper underneath! The original paper from 1954 is on the right, and the paper on the left is from the 60s. The panelling is from the 70s, and it looks like they stopped during that decade. Seriously. The whole house looked like it was just stuck in a time warp.


Bear was less than impressed with the previous electrician’s work. An extension cord hard-wired into the fixture? Seriously? Seriously.DSC_0314

We also found the original inspection sticker from 1954! Apparently their standards were a bit lower back then…


Walls down, SOOO dusty!



Final Day One Shots:



It was a long day, but we got the whole thing torn out, down to the studs.  It felt great. Stay tuned for more Hall Bathroom Renovation Progress!