Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten of 2010

Oh, 2010... I have mixed feelings about you. It's not that I didn't like you, I mean, look at all the wonderful things you had to offer (below)... I'm just SO excited about what 2011 has in store!

Here is my Top Ten of 2010 (in no particular order):

Elsie's Indie Biz Class

The Indie Biz class hosted by Elsie, LA, and Jill really encouraged me to pursue my dream of being and independent business owner in a creative field! I learned so much!

Started Red Dirt Revival

Red Dirt Revival officially launched a blog and shop on June 13, 2010 in honor of my mother's birthday.  I previously blogged at The Vintage Chair- a blog I started in 2008 while my husband was deployed. I knew that making the switch to a new blog URL and an entirely new venture would cause me to lose some readers, but it's been more fun and fulfilling than I ever could've imagined! I've made so many fantastic friends along the way, learned a ton about myself, but it's also been a lot more work than I ever thought possible- but I enjoy it so much, that it feels more like playing.  I see great things to come for this little labor of love and I hope you'll be along for the ride!

Celebrated 24 years

In March of this year I celebrated my 24th birthday with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" by this little guy!

Celebrated 3 years

of Marriage to my wonderful husband who always makes me laugh. He's my best friend...

Started new job in the corporate world
In January I began a great job. It's truly been a blessing to work with people I care for! Plus, I get to wear dresses and heels a lot :)

Began working towards becoming a photographer
I haven't been completely transparent about this yet, but within the past few years I've found myself drawn more and more to photography. This year, I invested in a DSLR camera and made the decision to begin working towards becoming a photographer!  It's been so fun to learn all the tricks of the trade. I obviously have a long ways to go, but I'm thrilled to finally be on the path to a happy entrepreneurial future!

Went to Tennessee for a little vacation
Gatlinburg was a breathtaking experience. The colors and quiet serentiy of the mountains were exactly what we needed to recharge- some time with our beloved nephews didn't hurt either!

Ryan got a great job!
Ryan has been working towards getting his degree in construction management for a couple of years now, and this year he got a really fantastic job doing home renovations here in Oklahoma City! They do outstanding work and Ryan really loves it and takes pride in it. If you need anything done to your house, he's your guy! {shameless plug}

Baby Shep was born
We had quite a scare earlier this month when my sister in-law, Allie, went in for an ultrasound and was told that Baby Shepherd wasn't getting enough nutrients to survive in the womb. Even though she was still about two months out from her due date, a C-section was performed two days after that ultrasound and Baby Shepherd was born! He's still trucking right along, making progress, and trying to put on some weight so that he can go home with Mommy and Daddy. He's an absolute joy!

First photo shoot ever/ Christmas in Indiana!
I was so blessed to be a part of Laura's pre-wedding prep shoot! Here's to many more to come in 2011!

I also loved spending the holidays with my in-laws in Indiana. It was the best way I can think of the end 2010!

Thanks so much for being a part of my little world in 2010! I can't wait to see what 2011 brings for all of us! Have a fantastic New Year's Holiday! I'll see you back here on Monday for some Resolution goodness!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Makings of a Wedding

Helloooo!! What a nice long break I’ve had! I’m certainly ready to be back blogging regularly! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! I’ll be sharing my list of loot later this week! Today I just wanted to share a few snaps from the wedding prep of my cousin, Laura.  My sister in-law, Sarah, is an AMAZING photographer and was gracious enough to let me shadow her as she snapped photos of the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the big day.  Here are the few that I’ve had time to edit






Sarah challenged me to try shooting in manual, so I did.  For the first time ever! I definitely need some more practice, but over all, I was pretty pleased with my first attempt! Of course, having such a pretty bride and bridesmaids made the job that much easier! Thanks Laura and Sarah for letting me spread my wings on this one!



Thursday, December 23, 2010

A True Christmas Miracle!

I'm breaking my internet "fast" to announce to birth of my nephew! My brother, Erron, and his amazing wife, Allie are filled with joy!  He was born quite early, but he is breathing on his own and doing well so far. Please keep him in your prayers!

Shepherd James
Born December 22, 2010 at 6:04 p.m., 3.5 lbs, 15.5"

"Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding." Jeremiah 3:15

Little Shep,
Oh my darling nephew... I have so anticipated your arrival! Of course, I thought I had more time to stock pile presents for you, but in true Weig fashion, you could not wait to make your mark on this world. You are one of a kind, little boy.  God has made you the way that you are for a very specific purpose, and as your aunt, I cannot wait to be a part of your life as you grow into that purpose and find the path which God has laid before you.  It makes my heart swell to hear your Daddy talk about you as though you were a precious treasure, hidden from the world, and now discovered.  And you are exactly that- precious to all of us.  Right now, you are so small, but I have faith that soon enough your body will grow strong.  You are, after all, your father's child.  Some day we will recall this time with fondness and gratefulness to God.  We will watch you grow and surpass each and every milestone with flying colors. We will observe your many "firsts"- first steps, first day of school, first kiss, first love, and so on.  We will also see you fall, and help you to rise again and again until you can stand on your own because that's what family is for.  You will grow before us in the blink of an eye- But not too fast, sweet boy. Take your time.  For now, you must simply be the perfectly formed, sweet baby boy that you are. 

I promise to be the best aunt I can possibly be. I will show you all the tricks to getting what you want (I am, after all, an expert in this art), but most of all I promise to stand behind you, encourage you, and love you. You have me wrapped around your finger already, little Shepherd Boy. I love you forever and always.
Aunt Chels
(p.s. tell your Mommy and Daddy it's not too late to change your name to "Chelsea". I think it's a good strong name for a young man...)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sparkly Holiday DIYs

Here’s the deal, if you haven’t checked out Dana’s blog, Craftyminx, you are missing out on some serious DIY goodness. (You may remember my feature on her fantastically handmade wedding here)Right now she’s featuring Twelve Days of Christmas and yesterday I found two glorious and glittery DIY projects for the holidays that I absolutely must try!

You know all those sparkly shoes you’re seeing in stores and on the runway? Why not make your own with this awesome tutorial?!


No. I’m not kidding. Super adorable, right?

AND, if you’re tired of the same old evergreen and snow tipped bottle brush trees, you should definitely check out Dana’s tutorial for modernizing them and adding a dash of sparkle! (all you need is bleach, glue, and glitter! It’s awesome!)

I seriously cant’ say enough good things about Miss Dana’s blog, but you’ll just have to check it out for yourself!

Happy Thursday!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thrift Score: Around The World


I found a super sweet early 70s world atlas at the thrift store this weekend! I am in love with all of the colors and shapes and lines! Such great color combinations! The cover alone makes me want to do an entire room in that vintage industrial blue with bits of red accents!


I’d love to take out some of the pages and frame them! The rest might even do nicely for craft projects and wrapping paper!

What have you scored lately?



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Force of habit

Thanks for your sweet comments about our Christmas Tree! I wish I could have all of you over for a cookie baking party and gift exchange! Wait a minute…. Can we do that? Let’s totally do that!

Okay, so we’ve all got habits, right? Well, some more than others. Here are a few of my silly quirks that I’ve developed over the years.

1. Pepper as a food group. I put pepper on everything except dessert- well, I put it on fruit sometimes, too… I know it’s weird, but I just love the pepper taste!

2. I hate touching cardboard and freshly-dried laundry. Why? It makes my hands feel disgustingly dry. Ick.

3. I have to sleep with the door closed. Something about having the bedroom door open just feels like an invitation to waltz right in- not that there is anyone else in our house but the two of us and the dog, but you know… just weirds me out.

4. I lose my iPhone IN MY PURSE or IN THE HOUSE or IN THE CAR at least fifteen times a day. I seriously can’t get a grip around this one. I don’t leave it in stores or at work or anything- no no. I lose my items within a twenty-foot radius. That’s talent, folks.

5. I put butter on my Pop Tarts. Don’t judge. It’s a breakfast pastry! Try it. you’ll like it.

6. I hate shopping. I’ve probably shared this before. Here’s the deal: When I shop, I need to shop alone, and ANYWHERE but a mall. That’s my idea of a successful shopping trip.

7. I grind my teeth. hard core.

8. “My name is Chelsea and I have a staring problem”. No seriously, you guys. It’s bad…. I can’t help it! I just get so caught up in sharing in someone else’s story that I can’t look away! I usually stare when I see a particularly touching moment (sweet kids, adorable couple, etc). Although, I’ll admit, when walking through our local Wal Mart I practice PLENTY of staring… Bear often has to remind me not to stare. Like I said. Rull bad.

9. I’m not a phone talker. I never have been. I never will be. So don’t get your feelings hurt if I don’t call you every day. I mean, I don’t even have your  number, dude. and if I DO, I promise I still love you. I’m just not a phone talker. :)

10. I often wish Hogwarts were a real place. I can’t believe I just typed that… I’ve shamed both my husband and my best friend…

I hope you liked a peek into my weirdness. What are some of your quirks? Seriously. Don’t leave me hanging.



Monday, December 13, 2010

The Makings of a Weekend

I finally had a chance to snap a few photos of our Christmas Décor in the daylight (see our pretty night-lit tree here). I was seriously beginning to forget what our house looked like in the sunlight. I leave while it’s still dark, and get home after the sun has gone down.  I strongly dislike these short winter days, so I was happy to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


{my mom got us this ornament and drew little spots on the sleeping dog. Doesn’t it look just like Lucy?!}DSC_0033





I played lots of fetch with this little lady this weekend


Took a thrifting trip that was a total bust except for this large embroidered garden that reminds me of these pretties.


And made a few sweet treats. DSC_0102

What did you do this weekend?



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Inspiration Abounds!

I shared a little peek at our Candy-Colored Christmas yesterday {I’m so glad you liked it!} but I wanted to share a few more Christmas color schemes that have been catching my eye:

An all white winter wonderland would be dreamy:

le wedding party


Silver and Amber

Style At Home

Country Living

Tiffany Blue

Southern Living


Jewel Tones are EVERYWHERE!

Sparkle and Pink (Yes, sparkle is a color. Are you serious?)



And the traditional gets and update with bright, candy apple red against lots of stark white!

(note to self: steal paper garland idea from below.) (note to readers: RDR does not endorse stealing of any kind… unless it’s this super easy and cute)



I’m also loving this Asian-Themed Christmas Tree from Southern Living!


How pretty are those paper lanterns and butterflies?! I’m drowning in Christmas ideas this year and of course it’s one of those years where we won’t even be in our own house for Christmas! I promised Ryan I wouldn’t “go overboard” since we’ll be out of town, but after looking around the interweb, I think I might have to go back on that promise…

How’s the holiday spirit catching you these days? I’ll definitely be back tomorrow with more Christmas décor inspiration for a budget!