Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Makings of a Weekend: Social Media-Free Version

This was a beautiful weekend. Ryan and I decided to turn off our phones and refrain from any social media so that we could really pour into our kiddos and soak up some time with them. I think it paid off. In fact, I think we need to make it a regular thing.

Moments from this weekend that I don't want to forget:

1. Seeing my husband walk through the door at the end of a long day with beautiful, huge, pink lilies in his hands just for me.

2. Sneaking out for a nice, quiet walk just as the sun was edging over the horizon- just my baby boy and me. The only sounds were crickets, sprinklers, and my feet hitting the pavement to the rhythm of the stroller wheels. We walked to the park and soaked up some quiet time together. I read Psalms out loud to him and he just grinned at me. Then I held him as he drifted off to sleep, head rested on my shoulder, drooling like crazy.

3. Vesper singing "Jesus Loves Me" for the first time at the kitchen table

4. Ryan tickling Grey and getting the biggest belly laughs out of him!

5. Walking into our bedroom and finding Ryan and Grey sleeping face to face in our sun-drenched bed, blankets crushed and surrounding them like a nest

6. Standing in the dark of Vesper's room singing our usual nightly songs. This time it was a praise song and as I sang to her and balanced her on my hip with one hand, closing my eyes and raising my right hand in an act of worship. Opening my eyes & seeing Vesper- arms stretched high toward the sky, smiling her huge, sweet smile.

God is so good to give us even one day together in such a beautiful life... I hope yours was just as sweet.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Grey, Grey Room

Styling Grey's nursery was pretty tricky. We had little to no budget and although we would be moving him into Vesper's room, we wanted something very different from the kitschy vintage-vibe of Vesper's nursery. In the end, we spent only $110 and that was just on the crib. Everything else came from shopping our own house!

We wanted a clean, modern take on Southwestern Cowboy. Even though we stuck with the more classic dresser and glider, I think we achieved the look we wanted- and well within our budget!

The Crib is the Sniglar Crib from Ikea. We could have painted it, but I really liked the modern look of the raw wood, so we left it alone. Ryan was very happy with this decision. The blanket is from a vintage shop, the shelves and rug are both from Target. 

One o fmy favorite elements in the entire room is the faux cow hide! I made this from craft paper and acrylic paint and then crushed it to make it look soft and worn. I absolutely lov ethe way it turned out! The dresser was previously used in Vesper's nursery, as well as the glider. Curtains were a DIY from sheets.

Another favorite is this vintage lamp/ planter that my mom found at an antique store. It's so unique!

The details always matter! An owl puppet from Ikea, desk lamp from Target, and vintage perfume bottle double as a totem pole.

More details- vintage drums from various antique stores and a couple of teddy bears from my husband's childhood.

The gallery wall was really fun to put together! The Rugged and Manly print was a baby shower gift, as was the Bible verse. I sketched the cactus, and the cattle hook was a birthday gift!

This blanket was made by Grey's Gramma (Ryan's mom). It's very special to us! I made the artwork, and the sweet little flannel arrows were a gift from friends.

I think he's pretty pleased with it! I hope you enjoyed a little peek at Grey's room!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Must-Have Baby Items- Five Months

Five Months in! It's time for a list of my favorite baby items! These are the top three items that I use AT LEAST daily (usually multiple times)!

Seven Sling
First up, my Seven Sling. My mother got this for me from a consignment shop when Vesper was about six months old, and I've raved about it ever since. It's the simplest design (there are several DIY tutorials online and I've even made one for a friend, but I have to say, the originals are worth their weight in gold!) and it's not hot and heavy like a moby, or copious and complicated like an Ergo or simliar carrier. It's just a simple cotton sling and the babies love it! This is currently the easiest way to get Grey to fall asleep, and I take it EVERYWHERE just in case my kid needs to Koala me! (p,s. can we all laugh at how GORGEOUS the "mom models" are on this website?!)

Chew Beads
Next, a new favorite, my Chew Beads necklace! These necklaces are completely safe for baby to chomp, and they're totally cute! I have the Emerald Green Perry necklace. I like the Perry design because of the variation in the bead shape. The rubber doesn't show teeth marks, the beads are linked together with a knotted ribbon, and the clasp is a snap so there's hardly a chance that it might break! I put it on and picked up Grey and he immediately grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth and it stayed there for a long time! Vesper even chews on it now that her two-year molars are coming in! I love it so much, I'm grabbing a second color. This just might be my new go-to baby shower gift!

Dr. Brown's Bottles
Our little guy suffers from some bad reflux and gas, and when people initially suggested that we switch bottles, I refused. I figured that a different bottle couldn't possibly make that much of a difference, especially when we were using good quality Nuk bottles that we had used with our first baby (who also suffered from reflux). But when we switched to Dr. Brown's wide-neck bottles, it made a definite, noticeable difference in his gas! If you have a baby who suffers  from gas, excessive spit-up, and reflux, I highly recommend these bottles!

We also still love our Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment,  the Fisher Price Rock n Play bassinet (even though he sleeps in his crib now), and my Jo Totes Camera Bag which I use as a baby bag! I hope this was a helpful list for someone out there in the world!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Five. Months. Old.

My little Baby Bear... Five months already? And I'm so hopelessly in love with you! I can't even imagine how much more joy you will bring to us in the coming months and years! Here are a few things I want to remember about your fifth month:

-You are in the 85th- EIGHTY FIFTH- percentile for weight and weigh as much as your sister did when she was SEVEN months old! You're 18 pounds of absolute love!
-You gave up your pacifier over a month ago
-You started sleeping through the night (in your crib!), cut your first two teeth, and started rolling over from back to front all in the same week! We're still working on rolling from front to back
-Momma is your favorite person in the whole world and you can't stand watching me walk away! You spend most of your day attached to my side. We call you the little Koala Bear. You grasp onto my shirt or my hair and just hang out.
-You're still suffering from pretty severe reflux and you are still on your special formula to help with a milk protein allergy
-You are SO. LOUD. I'm not kidding. You're the loudest baby I've ever heard...
-You have the best belly laugh when Daddy tickles you with his beard!
-You're a moody little guy! Very sensitive, and you have the most intense pout face!
-RED hair!
-You still can't go a whole three hours without eating!
-You hate your car seat
-You always want to be moving!
-Eyes aren't quite blue- sort of muddy hazel blue
-You smile all the time. It's the greatest thing in the whole world!

We love you, Baby Bear. I can't wait to see what milestones you'll reach before month 6!