Please carefully read the questions and responses on this page before emailing with an inquiry. Thank you!

How much does a session cost?
Different styles of sessions have different prices. Because I only do this part-time, the prices tend to vary from season to season. Please email me directly (reddirtrevival@gmail.com) or message me on Facebook to inquire about current pricing for specific types of sessions.

Where will my session be?
When choosing a location for a shoot, I like to first give the client the option of urban or rural. Once this decision is made, I will work with you to choose a location that is both beautiful and reasonably convenient. I am also open to considering locations as specified by the client at my discretion. (Deciding factors may include distance and lighting. Also note that Lifestyle Sessions are usually held in your home or a location that is special to you and your family)

How long will my session be?
Most sessions are right around an hour- sometimes less if there are children involved! Promotional and Headshot sessions can last a bit longer, but no more than about three hours.

What should I wear?
I get this question a lot. The answer varies from session to session according to style and location:
Seniors: Plan to bring more than one outfit. One or more of these should be something n which you feel comfortable and cute. Additionally, I encourage you to bring something that you feel most embodies you at this stage in your life. What are you passionate about right now? Football? Dance? Vinyl music? Books? Bring items and clothing that you love and we’ll work them into your shots.
Lifestyle, Couples, Kids, and Family: While I always discourage matching (everyone in the same color and style of shirt and jeans just doesn’t allow for enough visual interest in your photos!) I do encourage coordination. Wear something in which you feel most yourself! If that means you show up in yoga pants and a t-shirt and your husband is in his boxers, we’ll go with it!
Maternity: Comfort is key here, but you also want to feel gorgeous in all your pregnant glory! Wear something in which you can move easily- a pretty dress, or jeans and a t-shirt, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel beautiful!
Headshots: Please plan to bring several options for Headshot Sessions. These options shouldn’t be too busy in pattern or style and should draw the eye toward your face. In this case, less is usually more, but that doesn’t mean we have to do black turtlenecks in all your shots! Use discretion when choosing accessories and jewelry depending on your plan for using these headshots (for example, a headshot for a blogger can usually involve a few more accessories than a headshot for a business professional).

Can I bring my pet?
Yep. Just make sure to have him/ her on a leash where required!

When will my photos to be finished?
You can expect to receive your photos 2-3 weeks after your session.

What is involved with a Lifestyle Session?
Lifestyle Photography simply captures you being you. It differs from the traditional photography sessions of yore that involved matching black polos and lots of posing. You know all of those times throughout the day when you think, “I wish I could just freeze time and remember this exact moment forever…”? I aim to do exactly that for you.  You’ll never forget his crazy bedhead during morning snuggles, the chaos of breakfast in your tiny kitchen, the fun of bath time, the light as it catches her hair as your nurse your little one, or the sweet serenity of bedtime stories before lights out. If you choose to have a “Lifestyle Session” it will be done in your home or a location of your choosing- some place where your family feels at home. You will never regret doing one of these sessions!

Do you travel?
Yes! I am willing to travel state-wide. Anything outside of a 20 mile radius requires  an additional travel fee of $75.

Do you do weddings?
No, but I know a handful of fabulous photographers who DO! I’d be happy to give you a recommendation!

Do you offer prints?
At this time, I only offer digital files via DropBox. However, I can recommend companies to use to order your print.

How many photos will I get on my disc?
It varies, but at minimum you will receive approximately 25 photos with any regular session (Lifestyle, Senior, Maternity, Couples, Kids, Families, etc) and 10 with your Headshot or Promotional session.

Will you recreate this photo I found on Pinterest/ in a magazine/ on another photographer’s website?
While I always encourage you to give me an idea of how you would like for your session to “feel” (I even encourage you to send me a link to your inspirational Pinterest board if it would be helpful in conveying the “feel” you’re aiming for!) I will not recreate exact shots or copy another photographer’s style. If you are looking for a certain style of editing that you don’t see in my portfolio, perhaps I’m not the photographer for you. I’d be happy to recommend several other local photographers in hopes that you can get the shots that you want in the style you love!

Can I use photos from my session as my profile picture/ on my blog?
Totally! While I always appreciate a mention, it’s not really required once you’ve paid for your session and thus purchased the images on the disc. However, I do ask that you do not do any additional editing (cropping, filters, wording, etc) and that you do not crop out the watermark if you use an image from my Facebook fan page or blog.

Can I pin your images to Pinterest?
Not that anyone ever asks permission to do this, but if you did, I would say that I would be flattered as long as you use an image with my watermark on it or credit it to Chelsea Ahlgrim! 

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