Monday, April 9, 2012

Prudent Advice For My Daughter- V.1: Obligations

“Prudent Advice For My Daughter” is a series of pieces of advice taken from an ongoing list that I have developed for our little girl. Here, I elaborate on those pieces of advice. Maybe you could use the guidance, too. I know I can…

1. If you oblige to do something- anything- an event, attend a meeting, do a project, return a phone call, or go to a birthday party for someone’s kid- do it. It is very important in relationships- professional and personal- to follow through with your obligations.

Let me preface this by saying that you should never feel obligated to say “yes” to everything that you are asked to do. Use good judgment in determining for which things you have time and which are worth the time you have. However, if you say yes to something, do it. Even if you’re tired, or busy, or a Real Housewives marathon is on tv, do it. Trust isn’t something that is just handed to you- you have to earn it. The only way to earn trust is to follow through with your obligations. And you want to be trustworthy, believe me. Being reliable will earn you the respect and faith and hearts of those around you.


Allie said...

Love this! I live by this rule too!

Mel said...

Great advice!!! Can't wait for your next session. Looks like that sweet girl has a wise Mommy.