Sunday, September 9, 2012


This is a story about vomit. You should stop here...

The Ahlgrim Haus is sick. How sick? I took a shower in my clothes today. That's how sick. So. Much. Puke.

It all started last Sunday while we were visiting my mother in Tulsa. What was supposed to be a lovely weekend quickly turned south as I threw up in a Walmart parking lot. I didn't have a hair tie... I just wrung my hair out and kept walking. Let's all pause and admire my poise. The nausea lasted for almost two days, and other even more disgusting symptoms hung around even longer.

Fast forward to today. Still having said symptoms and unable to handle meat, dairy, or sugar. (This would be the best diet in the world if I wasn't 11 1/2 weeks pregnant.) So here we are enjoying a quiet Sunday. We had breakfast out, we bought a lovely new cream-colored shag rug, and settled in to just enjoy our day together. I had just (basically force) fed Vesper some carrots and milk, gave her a quick bath and set her down to play on our pretty new rug.  Then it happened.

Orange vomit.

Poor baby girl... Then happened again. On the cream-colored chair... and all over me. This is a good time to remind you that pregnancy causes a certain degree of sensitivity to sights and smells...

My husband said slowly, "just breathe, baby..." as he lifted my slick, orange child off of my lap.

I followed a baby around all afternoon with a bucket and a towel. I'm exhausted from being sick and pregnant and my husband is exhausted from taking care of sick people, bless his heart.

I'm resting in God's grace right now and trusting that it's sufficient. I'm also overwhelmed with gratitude by the generosity and kindness we've received just in the last week. Friends offering rides and meals, coworkers helping out- it's truly appreciated. We love all of you!



Annie said...

Oh, I am SO sorry! I will pray for rest and recovery for you and your sweet baby girl!

Mel said...

Hope everyone gets better soon!!!