Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Wake

I'm going to call this series "The Wake" as in "this is the kind of destruction Grey leaves in his wake."

He starts bright and early at breakfast by climbing out of his high chair- straps be damned- and onto the dining room table to finish his oatmeal.

Then he moves the party to the play room where he proceeds to wreak havoc on any and all toys.
and maybe pauses to snack on some delicious wipes.
or maybe a microphone....
{I should mention that he somehow opened the closet doors in order to get inside to eat said microphone}

Before unleashing his fury on the floor vents...
...and his socks... always the socks...
And then he searches out his final victim... "MAAAMAAAMAAA!!"

BOOM. I just died from cuteness. You did too, didn't you?

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