Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Handmade Wedding

I just the little details of Miss Minx's wedding! Dana and Sheldon had the most perfect handmade wedding. Every little detail was taken into account and lovingly crafted.  And what a stunning result!

She even made her own bridesmaid dresses AND her own wedding dress. Yeah. You read correctly. She's a mad woman, this one. And it looks SO fabulous on her!

**UPDATE** Dana's big day was photographed by the fantastically talented Juniper Photography. Be sure to check out their site for more of their beautiful photography, and go here for more handmade wedding goodness.
Congrats, Dana and Sheldon!


Dana said...

What a fun surprise!! Thanks for sharing our wedding Chels!!

Kris said...

Wow!! I wish I was this crafty... Makes me jealous. lol