Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I snuck out for a few days this week, didn’t I? We all deserve a day here and there, yes? So what are your plans this weekend? I was supposed to meet up with fellow blogger and Oklahoman Miss Annie, but I had to bail because I forgot we had plans to go to the fair in Tulsa! But go visit Annie so she isnt’ lonely this weekend. Lord knows the poor child has nothin else to do but sit around and wait for me to come hang out with her (it’s not like she has furniture to buy for an entire new house or anything!) *sigh* poor poor thing… :)

I’ll also be doing a little photo shoot for the Red Dirt Revival shop update!

Do you have any exciting things coming up this weekend?

do tell!





Roxanne said...

So pretty, you are. Love the way you're rocking the dark nails and pouty lips. Have a blast at the fair!

Kris said...

I'll also be at the fair this weekend!!... Have a great weekend.

echo said...

Gorgeous photo! I'll be doing homework here and there, hopefully doing some shoe shopping, and since the mood has finally hit, watching some scary movies.

Have a great weekend!