Thursday, April 7, 2011

Call it what you will...

My goodness it’s been quite a while! In case you couldn’t tell, finishing the bathroom put us over the edge! Since the hall bathroom was the last major renovation project on the house, we decided it was time for a nice long break from everything! We’re so happy with our little house and how it has held up during our renovation whirlwind from June of 2009 to current. It’s honestly been non-stop! There’s always something… Even now, we have a list of smaller items still needing done (re-paint entire house, paint exterior, rehab gorgeous little barn in the backyard, etc). Thank you for allowing us some time off! I’ll be back with actual posts and content Next week!

For now, I will tell you that something is stirring in my soul… maybe it’s just the change of the seasons, or the high from finishing our bathroom, or maybe you could call it spring fever, but I feel like something good is on the horizon… The earth smells so fresh today. I can’t help but recognize the glory of God and the beauty of life. I’ll be out of town this weekend for a photography seminar with Senorita RM. I’m SUPER pumped. Yeah, we’ll probably learn a lot, but also… hilarity ensues…

Have a fantastic weekend!
xo, Chels

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