Monday, March 28, 2011

Hall Bathroom Reveal!

Remember how we showed you our newly renovated Master Bathroom a few weeks ago? Well, we’ve been at it again! Except this time, we had some help.

Let me explain. When we first started this whole “homeownership-thing” we were totally inexperienced. We’d barely held a hammer, let alone used power tools. But in the nearly two years since we moved in, Bear has been working towards his degree in construction management. The bonus for me? My very own handyman! I’m telling you, that man can do anything! And he is now a supervisor at a fantastic home renovation company here in the Oklahoma City area.

So when we decided to get rolling on this hall bathroom project, we elected to just bring in his crew and put them to work! Two weeks later, we’ve got a brand spankin’ new bathroom! Remember what it looked like before?




Did you just recoil in horror? That 70s tile? you can’t see it, but there was also wood paneling and a mirrored sliding shower door. *shudder*

Remember when we ripped it down to the studs?

Well hold on to your hats, people because it’s DONE!



Are you in love with it? Us too <3

We’ll provide a breakdown later!



Anna said...

Abosolutely gorgeous! It must feel really good to get all that done!

Katie said...

Not gonna lie, that 70s tile is AWESOME, just not in a teeny bathroom like that. Your makeover looks so classy, you have a great eye!

courtney.janelle.sews said...

Holy heck, is this for real? Too good, too good. I would live in this bathroom.

RedDirtRevival said...

Thanks guys! We've worked really hard on it in a really short amount of time so I'm glad you like it!

jessie b said...

ah, yes, nice and clean and bright. just as a bathroom should be.

btw, love the little yellow art piece. did you paint it yourself?