Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What’s in my bag: Diaper Bag Edition


A few expecting moms have asked me what I think are my “must haves.” You can see my list of favorites for her first two months here. Now that our little Sparrow is a bit older, we take her out of the house more and more which means being ready at all times for a diaper mishap. Here’s what’s currently floating around in my diaper bag!


Keep in mind I dumped out the contents after a weekend trip, so there are probably a few things that aren’t normally in here. That being said, away we go!


1. Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream- I wrote about this in my previous post. It’s a bit greasy, but it works so well that we’ve continued to use it.

2. Nuk Pacifier- I had previously mentioned that V enjoys the Soothie Pacifiers, but she has since decided that Nuk is more her style. We also use Nuk bottles (these) so that’s probably why she likes them so much.

3. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment- Little Bird had some redness. This stuff usually clears it right up. And it smells much better than most other diaper creams!

4. Carter's Mittens- Eczema = scratching.

5. Garanimals Wrist Rattles keep her entertained for a chunk of time. They come in a gift set but you can also buy them separately in stores.

6. Little Noses Saline helps loosen up the sinus gunk that’s going around

7. Walgreen's Gas Drops work like a charm almost instantly when she’s gassy (which is most of the time)


1. Carter's Pajamas they have all kinds but we tend to like the cotton ones for nighttime sleeping since we swaddle her and don’t want her getting too clammy (clamminess and eczema don’t mix)

2. Burp cloths- you can never have too many of these. We mostly use cloth diaper inserts as burp rags, but these are my favorite. They were handmade by Sarah Found Sarah Made from vintage fabric! I seriously love them.

3. Wet wipes case- this case was made by a friend. It’s really cute and so handy!

4. Let’s talk aspirators- if the hospital gives you one, take it home with you and DON’T lose it. They gave us this one when Vess was born and we have yet to find another one that actually works.

5. Medela bottle with extra formula for emergency feedings. (we use Parent’s Choice Gentle formula. It’s the WalMart brand and yes, I was super nervous about switching her from the expensive stuff- especially because she has reflux! But she didn’t even skip a beat. It’s about five dollars cheaper per container and she loves it!)


1. We also use Parent’s Choice Diapers. We’ve only had one blow-out in the month that we’ve been using them and they’re much cheaper. We’re sold!

2. This Aden + Anais swaddle blanket also made an appearance in the last post. We’re still using them, but less and less as she gets bigger.

3. Up & Up Hand Sanitizer Wipes are invaluable. I can’t find a link for them, but any hand sanitizer wipes will do. I use them ALL the time on grocery carts, toys, and of course, other people’s hands before they hold Vess.


The Bag itself is a Petunia Picklebottom bag. Sometimes I use my Jo Totes Camera bag too. They’re both so chic that they hardly look like a diaper bag!

This was fun! I hope you new moms got some good ideas for stocking your diaper bags too!



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Rebecca said...

Posts like these are so helpful to new moms! I'm going to post one, too, to show how different the diaper bag contents get as the baby grows!

Your burp cloths and wet wipes holder are both adorable!