Friday, June 1, 2012

Six. Months. Old.


Vesper Kaylyn,

How can you be six months old already, Birdy? You’re growing and having so much fun just being your little birdy self! You’ve got two teeth, you still sleep through the night, you looooove green beans, you like your “pinkie” blanket, you like it when Momma sings to you, and when Daddy gives you whisker kisses, and yesterday you rolled over…and over, and over, and over across the room! You’re on the move, little one, and I don’t’ see any sign of slowing down. Daddy and I will try to keep up! Being your momma has completely changed my life and made me more “myself” than I’ve ever felt before. All of those other things that I thought I was were incomplete versions of myself… because in addition to all those things, being a mother makes me complete. I can’t wait to see how God ministers to your little heart and what He has planned for you. I can already tell that your spirit is a sweet one, but also a lively, silly one! You take after your daddy in so many ways! We love you so much, little Vesper Sparrow. Go, baby, go!



1 comment:

Mel said...

Oh so precious!
Prepare to be amazed,little Momma!
'You ain't seen nothing yet!!!'