Friday, September 20, 2013

Six. Months. Old.

Happy Half Birthday, Baby Bear! Here are the things I want to remember about your sixth month:

-You're most comfortable in 9-12 month clothing
-You're officially eating solids regularly (at breakfast and dinner time). It makes for colorful spit-up...
-Still sleeping through the night like a champ!
-Teething like crazy, but nothing new has popped through!
-You want to crawl SO badly, so we're working on sitting up
-Your favorite toys are your bouncer and the chew beads necklaces from Gramma
-You are simply the HAPPIEST baby I've ever met in my entire life. Your gummy smile just melts my heart!
-You've become much more independent this month and your favorite way to pass the time is just to roll across the living room floor and back, bumping into furniture, toys, and dogs.
-Still suffering from reflux pretty badly
-Your hair is getting more and more blonde!
-You're making the transition to 3 naps a day and napping longer than 45 minutes at a time!
-Those eyes are looking more blue this month
-You had your first overnight without Mommy and you and Daddy both survived!
-Everything goes in your mouth. Everything.
-You love to watch Lucy and get kisses from her!
-You went to your first OU Sooners game and sometimes the crowd was so loud that it made you cry! Poor little guy...

We love you more and more every day! Keep growing, little guy!
xo, Mom

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