Monday, October 7, 2013


Oh hey. We bought a new house. NBD.

We haven't actually closed yet, so this is the only photo of the exterior that I have currently. I'll share the interior photos in an upcoming post so that you can see the "befores" in all their late-60s glory!

She's close to twice the size of our current place, but needs a whole lotta love! Mostly just paint and a few fixtures here and there, so we're super- SUPER- pumped to get in there and get started! PLUS: stairs. STAIRS. Guys. What is it about stairs that make you feel like you live in a real-live grown-up house? I don't know. But soon, I will be a real-live grown-up (snicker).

Basic stats:
4 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
2 living areas
1 dining area
TONS of closet and built-in storage
what am I forgetting?.... OH yeah and a dressing room/ walk-in closet for me. (I can't even...)

The updates will probably go quite a bit slower this time around, as our two babies aren't much with a hammer and nails yet, but I plan to keep up with all the changes here on the blog! I hope you'll follow along!


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