Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas at the Ahlgrim Haus

Christmas this year feels a bit off. We're still not completely unpacked, but we managed to find some Christmas boxes with ornaments and our stockings. We also finally bought a new tree after my beloved white tree bit the dust last year.

 Our new house doesn't have a fireplace, so we're improvising this year. Actually, I like the look so much, we'll probably continue to do it this way for years to come! Imagine how fun it will be for the kids to collect their stockings as they come down the stairs on Christmas morning!

We also found the box with some very special Christmas decorations: Grandma's lace angels, my Nana's nativity set, and not pictured, the large velvet "present" box that contained my wedding ring when Ryan proposed in 2006! Also, it appears someone (ahem. Vesper.) took the liberty of adding a bit of extra security for the Baby Jesus...

Our tree is a flocked version from Walmart that's really gorgeous. It has pinecones attached and everything. We went with a silver, red, and robin's egg color scheme this year and many of my favorite bird ornaments are featured prominently. My mother gets me one from Hallmark every year and I really love them! 


Here's the whole tree:

And my favorite piece is probably the simplest. We were lacking a Christmas wreath after ours all but disintegrated in the attic of our last house, and after finding only tacky, sparkly wreaths at the stores, I set out to make my own swag. I wanted something simple, classic, and rustic and I think I accomplished that using just branches of berries from our backyard bushes and some burlap ribbon.

I was extremely pleased with the outcome! And since we were feeling festive this weekend, I whipped up some gingerbread cookies and Vesper picked out some bright blue icing to decorate them with!

As I mentioned, we're still getting settled. Walls are bare and boxes are still hanging around. In fact, the room our Christmas tree is in actually looks like this:

That's basically all of our Art and mirrors shoved in a corner along with my desk chair, but somehow, taking the time to put up our Christmas decorations and actually celebrate is making this house feel more and more like home! I can't wait to spend our first Christmas morning here!

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