Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Dancing

The days don't seem to be showing any signs of getting longer, and I'm in serious need of sunshine. Grey skies and cold temperatures have made these walls seem a bit tight- especially when you spend your days with an infant and a toddler who have zero sense of personal space. Yesterday we got freezing rain. Lots of it. My crape myrtles bowed low to the earth, defeated by the same cold and grey that threatens my sanity these days. But it certainly was beautiful...

Despite the stillness of our ice-covered yard, this weekend has been strangely chaotic for obvious reasons. The scramble to get cards mailed, presents purchased and wrapped, surviving sinus issues, a teething baby, as well as looking for a new church and the general everyday chaos that occurs in our house have me feeling a bit tattered. We're looking forward to spending time with family and having lots and lots of delicious food! And THEN I'm looking forward to rest. A good, long, hibernation should do the trick. Here's to winter!

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