Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Force of habit

Thanks for your sweet comments about our Christmas Tree! I wish I could have all of you over for a cookie baking party and gift exchange! Wait a minute…. Can we do that? Let’s totally do that!

Okay, so we’ve all got habits, right? Well, some more than others. Here are a few of my silly quirks that I’ve developed over the years.

1. Pepper as a food group. I put pepper on everything except dessert- well, I put it on fruit sometimes, too… I know it’s weird, but I just love the pepper taste!

2. I hate touching cardboard and freshly-dried laundry. Why? It makes my hands feel disgustingly dry. Ick.

3. I have to sleep with the door closed. Something about having the bedroom door open just feels like an invitation to waltz right in- not that there is anyone else in our house but the two of us and the dog, but you know… just weirds me out.

4. I lose my iPhone IN MY PURSE or IN THE HOUSE or IN THE CAR at least fifteen times a day. I seriously can’t get a grip around this one. I don’t leave it in stores or at work or anything- no no. I lose my items within a twenty-foot radius. That’s talent, folks.

5. I put butter on my Pop Tarts. Don’t judge. It’s a breakfast pastry! Try it. you’ll like it.

6. I hate shopping. I’ve probably shared this before. Here’s the deal: When I shop, I need to shop alone, and ANYWHERE but a mall. That’s my idea of a successful shopping trip.

7. I grind my teeth. hard core.

8. “My name is Chelsea and I have a staring problem”. No seriously, you guys. It’s bad…. I can’t help it! I just get so caught up in sharing in someone else’s story that I can’t look away! I usually stare when I see a particularly touching moment (sweet kids, adorable couple, etc). Although, I’ll admit, when walking through our local Wal Mart I practice PLENTY of staring… Bear often has to remind me not to stare. Like I said. Rull bad.

9. I’m not a phone talker. I never have been. I never will be. So don’t get your feelings hurt if I don’t call you every day. I mean, I don’t even have your  number, dude. and if I DO, I promise I still love you. I’m just not a phone talker. :)

10. I often wish Hogwarts were a real place. I can’t believe I just typed that… I’ve shamed both my husband and my best friend…

I hope you liked a peek into my weirdness. What are some of your quirks? Seriously. Don’t leave me hanging.




Dana said...

I'm right there with you on everything but 2, 5, and 7. And pepper on cantaloupe is awesome :)P.S. Love that sweatshirt!

Jennifer Whitt said...

I can't sleep with the closet doors open ... nothing to do with monsters just don't like to have the doors open.

Sarah Rhodes said...

totally wish Hogwarts was a real place too. I mean, the one in Florida is probably ok, and I hear they have butterbeer, but Hogwarts in a hot and humid climate just seems like blasphemy in a way. And it's a money making, non magical, tourist spot now. sigh.

Kris said...

Haha! You aren't alone.. I also lose my phone several times a day and I also can't help my staring problem... I have to have the door closed out into the house, the closet door closed and the bahroom door closed because I just feel like the room needs to be closed off for me to sleep. It's a problem when it's hot in the bedroom.

Anonymous said...

My husband puts butter on his pop tarts and I have yet to try it...maybe I just needed a second opinion ;)

Cassandra said...

I put insane ammounts of pepper on everything! All the time! And you aren't alone on the butter on the pop tart Christina use to do it all the time.
I for one also think there is nothing wrong with people watching, don't consider it staring lol. I do it all the time. I love your blog by the way Chels!

Mel said...

I'm with Dana, ya gotta put pepper on cantalope! I hate to have cabinet doors left open. I saw a rather large man get knocked out one time after raising up underneath one and that has bugged me ever since. (at 5'2" I could never get knocked out by one but it still bugs me)

Anonymous said...

This cracked me up.
I'm with you on ALL but the pepper thing and the laundry thing. It's not that I don't like pepper... I just don't love it. And laundry fresh out of the dryer is one of my favorite things ever.
I love the sweatshirt too... and I'm grinding my teeth as I type this. Cripes.