Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Candy Coated Christmas

I recently shared with you how we scored a white, pre-lit tree at a thrift store, but it was looking a little sparse with no decorations.  I was being really picky about my decorations this year because I couldn’t find the perfect colors. I’ve seen lots of hot pink and purple and lime green, but I wanted a softer palette of powder blue, petal pink, and sea foam green. I’m sure you can imagine my shock when they didn’t carry ornaments assigned to these specific colors at my local Hobby Lobby…. (design nerd alert). So I waited and waited and searched and searched and complained on the phone to my mother… who happened to be standing in the Christmas aisle at Sam’s… who happened to have an entire set of baby pink, light green, and powder blue ornaments. (!!!!!) Of course I asked her to grab them before anyone else had a chance!  I absolutely couldn’t wait to get them on the tree! So last night, Bear, Lucy, and I decked the halls with candy colored ornaments and snowflakes… Here’s a peak at our night-lit tree:

DSC_0002 (2)




It’s officially Christmas, kids.  I added in some splashes of red, which is a contrast I really like. I even used our vintage wool blanket as a tree skirt! I’d like to find a bright red velvet ribbon to wrap around the tree, just to finish it off! We also decked out our mantle, but I’ll wait until we have some daylight to snap a few shots. 

What is your Christmas color scheme this year? Any fellow candy-color lovers?

DSC_0003 (2)

Happy Holidays! xo



alyssa said...

So pretty! I'm just using my decorations that I've had for the past couple years...basically everything is blue, silver, sparkly. I made a wreath this year in a light minty green, red & silver..which I would have loved to decorate the whole house with, but I didn't want to buy all new ornaments. Maybe next year :)

Anonymous said...

I love that! I really like the tree skirt which I'm assuming is a blanket? It gives it so much character! We're using a blanket for our tree skirt too. :)

George said...

I've always been an advocate for real Xmas trees, but after seeing yours all lit up at night... I may have to consider your method! Looks good! Happy Holidays.

Raised By Wolves

Mel said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!
The colors are so perfect for your tree and the silver snowflakes really stand out too. Enjoy!