Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Inspiration Abounds!

I shared a little peek at our Candy-Colored Christmas yesterday {I’m so glad you liked it!} but I wanted to share a few more Christmas color schemes that have been catching my eye:

An all white winter wonderland would be dreamy:

le wedding party


Silver and Amber

Style At Home

Country Living

Tiffany Blue

Southern Living


Jewel Tones are EVERYWHERE!

Sparkle and Pink (Yes, sparkle is a color. Are you serious?)



And the traditional gets and update with bright, candy apple red against lots of stark white!

(note to self: steal paper garland idea from below.) (note to readers: RDR does not endorse stealing of any kind… unless it’s this super easy and cute)



I’m also loving this Asian-Themed Christmas Tree from Southern Living!


How pretty are those paper lanterns and butterflies?! I’m drowning in Christmas ideas this year and of course it’s one of those years where we won’t even be in our own house for Christmas! I promised Ryan I wouldn’t “go overboard” since we’ll be out of town, but after looking around the interweb, I think I might have to go back on that promise…

How’s the holiday spirit catching you these days? I’ll definitely be back tomorrow with more Christmas décor inspiration for a budget!




Annie said...

Whoa! That is overload! But I love it. I want a tree in every room.

Kris said...

I love all the pictures... My favorite though is the silver and amber color scheme.

Marisa Midori said...

I love the lanterns on the tree! An interesting alternative to traditiona ornaments.