Friday, January 20, 2012

Must Have Baby Items- 0-7 Weeks

I have a few girlfriends who are pregnant right now and had asked me what my “must haves” were up until now. I’m happy to share a few of the items that have saved us tons of time and a few headaches as well! Maybe they’ll help you out too!

Fisher Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper

We didn’t register for a bassinet because we thought we would use the pack n play that we already had. But Vess didn’t like to sleep lying flat because of her reflux, and that PNP took up a TON of space in our Master Bedroom. This little rocker has been our saving grace. She sleeps really well in it!

Wipes Warmer

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at this one. I sure did. I considered it a luxury that we probably didn’t really need, but after some friends raved about how great theirs was, we decided to add it. Boy am I glad we did! We work so hard to get that baby to sleep, and an icy cold baby wipe is the perfect recipe for a screeching child at 3a.m. This one keeps the wipes warm from top to bottom and doesn’t dry them out. We’re fans.

Diaper Genie

This is another one of those “do we really need it?” items. I figured we’d just use a trash can with a lid. Fortunately, we went with the diaper genie because for as tiny as newborns are, they sure can make some STANK! This has been a lifesaver in keeping her nursery from smelling like a portapotty!

Soothies Pacifiers

I was skeptical at first. This is the type of pacifier sent home with us from the hospital and Vesper was NOT interested. But then I learned that babies don’t just automatically take to a pacifier. You have to teach them that it’s there to soothe them. We ended up trying three different kinds before finally switching back to these. Now, they’re her favorites. She’ll take others, but she recognizes these almost immediately and they seem to soothe her more quickly. We’re going to need a few more packages because we ALWAYS end up losing them (or they end up at the foot of her carseat/ my car floor board during trips).

Swaddle Blankets

Not all babies like to be swaddled. Ours loves it. It soothes her almost instantly and she sleeps much longer because her arms aren’t hitting her in the face ever few seconds. Newborns are funny… this gauzy package is one that we really like because they’re so big, but our favorites are from Carter’s. They’re a jersey knit so they stretch really well and hold really tightly.

Gentle Naturals Eczema Cream

Our poor little bird has some pretty gnarly eczema. We started using this cream a few days ago and although it hasn’t completely cleared up, it has definitely started to go away and soften up. It also makes it less itchy for her. My only complaint is that it’s pretty greasy. Any suggestions for a less greasy eczema product?

Carseat Cover

This has been a lifesaver in the chilly Oklahoma winds! definitely a must!

My other must-have is patience and a sense of humor. <3. Hope this helps! Happy Friday!



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harmonybatham said...

about the eczema-My sister used to get horrible breakouts all over :( she found a product by a company called Arbonne that sells something called revitalizing cream that clears it up like *that* and now she wont go any where without it! I'm pretty sure its one of those companies like marykay where you have to have a representative to order but they are all natural products and safe to use on baby-I actually am in LOVE with their diaper rash cream and wont even bother with any other brand now:) Just wanted to share in case it might help your little one get some relief!