Thursday, January 12, 2012

vess sleeping luke 127

Naming a child is a funny thing. It’s such a big decision. Whether you believe in this kind of hocus pocus or not, you can’t deny that there are several Ashleys (or Brandis, Heathers, or Elizabeths- whatever) in your life and it’s downright uncanny how similar some of their qualities happen to be. For instance, every Brittany I’ve ever known has been blonde and bubbly. Coincidence? Maybe. Probably. But you can’t ignore it!

So how do you go about deciding on a name? And even then, how do you get the stones to choose a name as unique (weird?) as “Vesper”?

Easy. It just clicks. Sounds simple, I know. And it is. Ryan and I spent countless hours discussing potential names for our little girl.  His favorites were names like Lillian, Emma, Annie, and Sadie. Pretty tame names for a young lady. Mine were a bit more unconventional: Everly, Piper, Alouette, Ruthie, Charlotte, Calliope, and Cosette to name just a few.  Clearly we weren’t on the same page.

But one day, Ryan said, “I figured out the perfect name for her. I think you’ll like it.” I was skeptical, but then he breathed out the most beautiful name… “Vesper”…. it was weightless. Effortless. Light and lovely. It was perfect. {click} I instantly knew it was right.

Lucky for us, upon further research, we found nothing strange in the meanings or associations with the name. A martini. A bond girl. A teenage heroine from a series of novels. But also something more meaningful to us: evening prayers.


We had sat up so many nights asking God for this one gift and finally, graciously, He allowed us to have it.  He’s so good to us…

One more name association stood out: a sparrow. Somehow, my love of all things “bird” had spilled over into my name preferences. It was too perfect too ignore. {and click}

We later decided to choose a verse to be “Vesper’s Verse” from the Bible, we came across Luke 12:7

“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

More clicking ensued. It became even more perfect when she came out with a good head of hair! Funny how these things work out, huh?

Yes. We get lots of questions about our little girl’s name. We get lots of funny looks. We even get hurtful comments, but the fact remains that she is a Vesper- our answered prayer… a little bird… She was meant to be just that… and I have no doubt that she always will be.





Danette Dillon said...

That is a beautiful description. I love her name.

Emiley and Russ said...

Chelsea, this is beautiful and a blessing to read!