Monday, August 19, 2013

Must-Have Baby Items- Five Months

Five Months in! It's time for a list of my favorite baby items! These are the top three items that I use AT LEAST daily (usually multiple times)!

Seven Sling
First up, my Seven Sling. My mother got this for me from a consignment shop when Vesper was about six months old, and I've raved about it ever since. It's the simplest design (there are several DIY tutorials online and I've even made one for a friend, but I have to say, the originals are worth their weight in gold!) and it's not hot and heavy like a moby, or copious and complicated like an Ergo or simliar carrier. It's just a simple cotton sling and the babies love it! This is currently the easiest way to get Grey to fall asleep, and I take it EVERYWHERE just in case my kid needs to Koala me! (p,s. can we all laugh at how GORGEOUS the "mom models" are on this website?!)

Chew Beads
Next, a new favorite, my Chew Beads necklace! These necklaces are completely safe for baby to chomp, and they're totally cute! I have the Emerald Green Perry necklace. I like the Perry design because of the variation in the bead shape. The rubber doesn't show teeth marks, the beads are linked together with a knotted ribbon, and the clasp is a snap so there's hardly a chance that it might break! I put it on and picked up Grey and he immediately grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth and it stayed there for a long time! Vesper even chews on it now that her two-year molars are coming in! I love it so much, I'm grabbing a second color. This just might be my new go-to baby shower gift!

Dr. Brown's Bottles
Our little guy suffers from some bad reflux and gas, and when people initially suggested that we switch bottles, I refused. I figured that a different bottle couldn't possibly make that much of a difference, especially when we were using good quality Nuk bottles that we had used with our first baby (who also suffered from reflux). But when we switched to Dr. Brown's wide-neck bottles, it made a definite, noticeable difference in his gas! If you have a baby who suffers  from gas, excessive spit-up, and reflux, I highly recommend these bottles!

We also still love our Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment,  the Fisher Price Rock n Play bassinet (even though he sleeps in his crib now), and my Jo Totes Camera Bag which I use as a baby bag! I hope this was a helpful list for someone out there in the world!

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