Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas…tree…

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to start thinking Christmas! (as if you weren’t already in that state of mind…)
We’ve all seen the gorgeous images crisp, white Christmas trees adorned with candy-colored baubles floating around the blogosphere.  And sure, we’ve all tried to make the big decision: passing trend? or here to stay?

I’m not immune to these questions of fad or fabulous. In fact, I’ve been pondering for a while now the matter of what kind of tree to purchase.  Last year we had a simple green faux tree.  Standard. And a bit boring. So the question became, this year do I spend oodles of money on a tree that could very likely go out of fashion within a couple of years? Or should I simply play it safe and simple with a lush green lady (a REAL one this year…?).
Here’s the thing. Faux trees are EXPENSIVE. I couldn’t justify the money for a white wonder. Luckily, the thrift store gods smiled upon me.  I scored a 6’ 1/2” white, pre-lit tree for….wait for it…. thir.teen.bucks. I know.
Obviously, it still needs some ornaments and a tree skirt, but I’m in love. I literally had to climb a shelf to get it, but it’s mine all mine- all parts accounted for, and all the lights actually work! Not sure how I feel about the multi-colored strands, but we’ll see what colors I choose to decorate with and decide whether or not to add white and leave the multi-colored strand unlit.
So what’s your vote? White wonder, or Green Lady?
Also, have you pulled out your holiday decorations yet?!
Stay tuned for more color Christmas Eye Candy!

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MandiCoulter said...

wowee :) great find!!