Friday, January 18, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks


How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: alllll BOY

Name: After much debate, we’ve made a decision on the perfect name for our little fella, but we’re not ready to announce just yet!

Total weight gain: Technically, my chart reads a gain of four pounds. I did, however, gain back the 10+ pounds that I lost early on!

Maternity clothes: Some. Mostly pants. I wear a lot of empire waist shirts or tunics with leggings anyway, so a lot of my regular clothes have made regular appearances this pregnancy, which is awesome because it’s really tough to find cute maternity clothes that aren’t expensive. I’ve also been lucky enough to wear heels throughout this pregnancy! I was very excited about this development because due to severe swelling, I couldn’t wear anything but flats that were a size bigger during my last pregnancy!

Stretch marks: same- Psh. I've had stretch marks since I was 15. All real women have them.

Sleep: Hit or miss. I have noticed a direct correlation to my water intake and my quality of sleep. Less water = more pain in my hips and back at night= no sleep for me.

Miss Anything: White wine. Ohhhhhh white wine…

Symptoms: I’m finally starting to FEEL pregnant- definitely slowing down and feeling less mentally present during the day. I find myself struggling to be energetic and creative with Vesper, which really makes me feel guilty, but I keep reminding myself that it’s just temporary and soon we’ll work ourselves into a new routine. Also, super awesome reflux. Aside from that, there is the aforementioned pain in my back and hips, but as I said, usually if I maintain my water intake, my pain is lessened. Overall, I still feel leaps and bounds better this pregnancy than I did last!

Belly Button in or out: In

Mood: WOOOOO moody. Not necessarily mean, but just really emotional! I consider myself a fairly level-headed individual, but my emotions are all over the place these days! It’s frustrating because I KNOW that I’m being unreasonable because of hormones and I STILL can’t think rationally sometimes. Crazy.

Best Moment this week:  It’s kind of been a tough week, honestly. Like I said, I’m starting to slow down, but you know who ISN’T slowing down? Vesper. Plus, she’s got a really great cold and has been SUUUPER fun to deal with… So the best moment this week was last night when my husband and I put Vesper to bed and sat down to some delicious homemade chicken lettuce wraps and just talked about our week.

Looking forward to: Getting this house organized and ready for a baby boy! We agreed to wait to start on the nursery until after the holidays, so now we’re off and running! And because this is our second, I don’t know if we will have a baby shower or not, so we’re just planning to do everything ourselves in regards to purchases. There are a TON of cute projects that I’m anxious to start, plus switching Vesper into the guest room and converting her current nursery into Baby Boy’s room!

Exercise: I chase a toddler around all day. I’m going to settle for that.

Contractions: None yet. Not even braxton hicks.

Progression: None yet!



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