Monday, November 22, 2010

Gonna Be All White

I spent the entire weekend painting furniture. I got everything sanded, primed, sanded, painted, painted, clear coated and clear coated again. I moved everything back into the living room just as dark was setting in and couldn’t wait to attach the new glass and nickel hardware as my very last step! So you can imagine how my heart sunk when I realized that the mechanical screws attached to said hardware were not long enough to reach all the way through the doors and drawers.  Defeat.  But never fear. After a tiny tantrum, I reminded myself that a simple trip to the hardware store would yield the correct size of screws, and all would be right in the world again… I do have one tiny sneak peek to share…..



More to come including before and afters! What did you spend your weekend doing?




Allison said...

Eeek, so pretty! Can't wait to see the rest!

craftyMSP said...

This is beautiful!! You'll have to share how you switched out the screws...I had the same mini-tantrum not too long ago.

Kris said...

You are such a creative inspiration... It looks great.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful. Also, loved that title of this post. Made me laugh.

echo said...

I've always been afraid to refinish furniture. Yours looks beautiful!

I spent my weekend doing philosophy homework: writing a paper on Japanese Buddhism, doing an assignment that required me to write down my personal worldview...stuff like that.

Mel said...

Wow! The table looks amazing! LOVE the hardware. Looks like you shoot a pretty mean paint sprayer!
Great job!