Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Tha ‘Hood

Word. If I could only choose one warm piece of winter clothing to cozy up in, it would have to be something with a hood. I love hoods! Bear makes fun of me because I walk around the house with my hood on (curently wearing a black one). I can’t help it. I just love how cozy and contained I feel in a warm, woolen hood! In fact, if I were planning my wedding again, I would choose a fall wedding and wear a long lace hooded cloak in lieu of a veil. For sho.
My favorite is a long, brown sweater with a giant hood. It used to be my Nana’s. Recently when looking through her old pictures (see post below) I found a picture of her wearing it on vacation! It’s very special to me and I wear it all the time during the cold months.
But really, I like all kinds of hoods.

How do you bundle up?
Happy Tuesday!


Kris said...

I like the hoods, but I'm a scarf freak. I have 70 or so scarves, all different shapes, textures, colors, etc. I love my scarves!

Melinda said...

You look beautiful in that picture!

Annie said...

Twins I tell ya! Twins. I live for hoodies.