Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Must. Unwind....

This week has been ridiculous.  Like over-the-top busy... and it's only Tuesday! It was supposed to be an easy, short week leading into a lovely, carefree holiday weekend!  I've worked late both nights this week. Funny how your day job gets in the way of your fun, huh? Luckily tomorrow is just a half day.  So what will I be doing after I rush from my desk to my car? Why, thrifting, of course!  Nothing clears my head or helps me unwind better than a slow turn around my favorite thrift store. Which is completely ironic because you know what I hate more than anything else? SHOPPING. In the mall. With other people. Am I the only person who breaks out in stress hives when I am faced with going to the mall to purchase much-needed items? Especially around Christmas time... spare me your jingle bells begging for change. I'll take a nice, quiet thrift store any day.
It's not about the purchase. I could search for hours and not find a single thing to buy. It's just about being amongst things with a story... a history...a secret past... Inspiration abounds.

So what do you do to unwind?


Anna said...

I'm with you... I despise the mall. I get my retail therapy at the thrift store. I go at least once a week. If it's been a crazy day at work, nothing mellows me out more than a stop at my favorite thrift store.

cb said...

i know this week has been sooo crazy! what gives?!?! ahh wish i could go thrifting to relieve some stress but i have to run home and bake a pie!

happy thanksgiving!