Monday, January 10, 2011

The Makings of a Weekend

Hello hello! How was your weekend? We got a tiiiiny bit of snow, but it wouldn’t stick! Oh well, I’m sure there’s plenty on the way! This weekend, we celebrated Ryan’s birthday with some delicious brownie cake, presents, and special dinner!


Yeah, those brownies are already long gone. And they were delicious! I’ll be back tomorrow with Part Three of my New Year’s Resolutions! {see parts one and two}

Have a lovely Monday!




laura said...

umm...our hubby's have the same birthday! :) Mine hit the big 3-0h on saturday.

Diana said...

love your blog RDR! I found you through Adorkable Annie and love reading your posts!!

grantandlaura said...

i heart your photos.

Jamie Lane said...

Norman didn't anything :/ but the word brownie is making me drool, lol