Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Part Two: Learn More Photgraphy

I recently mentioned that I’m working towards becoming a photographer. (it’s kind of weird to say that out loud). I’m learning slowly, and I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made, but I definitely need more practice. Here’s my plan:

a.    Take more classes I’ve taken a few online courses that have been really helpful, but I’d like to take some courses that are more application-driven- more hands-on. I really feel like that’s the only way to truly pick up on something. I’m planning to take this course offered by the wonderful and hilarious Miss Rebecca Manney

b.    Read more photography blogs I read plenty of blogs with great photography, but I don’t follow many blogs that are solely about photography. A few that I enjoy are here, here, and here. Following these sorts of blogs can be incredibly inspirational and I can’t wait to find a few more that I love! Any suggestions?

c.    Trip to Indy to shadow Sarah I mentioned that my sister is an amazing photographer, right? Well, she’s also super hilarious and fun AAAAND willing to help me learn the ropes! I know. I lucked out with this family, I’m telling you. I plan to use some vacation time to go up and follow her around like a puppy for about a week so that she can teach me her ways.  I seriously can’t wait!

d.    Offer free sessions to friends and family This one terrifies me. It’s one thing to take a picture of an inanimate object (four thousand times before you finally get it right). But its’ an entirely different ballgame to have a live model sitting in front of you that you have to direct (or not, if you get lucky!) and catch in the correct light. PLUS, you then have to try your hardest to not be overly critical about the work that you’ve done when you hand it over to your “client” because after all, you’re just starting out. They probably knew that going into this, but what if they hate them anyway? And then what if that makes them hate ME?! (panic attack) see what I mean? Terrifying. But I’m just going to have to swallow my pride…}} {{p.s. want to see more photography by Red Dirt Revival? Visit my flickr!}}

So there you have it. My road map to becoming a photographer. Baby steps, folks <3



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Alyssa said...

I was wonder what online courses you took that you found helpful? :)