Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Part Three: Be Kinder to Myself and Others


a.    Eat healthier Coming from the southern Midwest, it’s strange for me to think of eating healthier as being good to myself. We usually like to treat ourselves with things drowned in sugar and butter and deep-fried with lots of love.  But changing that mindset is really important.  Our bodies need certain nutrients in order to function properly. I really don’t think those chocolate covered toasted coconut butter balls are giving me enough vitamins to give me a healthy digestive system, clear skin, and a good night’s sleep.  A friend from high school has recently started a blog that I really really LOVE. She’s going through her own weigh-down right now and sharing her experiences every step of the way. It keeps me inspired to stay on track!

b.    Primp more. Here’s something you might not know about me: I don’t primp a whole lot. I like to get my day started as soon as possible. My daily hair and make-up routine takes me about twenty minutes from start to finish, and that has served me pretty well. But sometimes that means I neglect to get my hair cut, or eyebrows or nails done for several weeks.  I end up feeling kind of disheveled.  So here’s to lotioning, deep conditioning, painting, powdering, plucking, and pampering myself a little this year! First step? I think a bubble bath is in order.

c.    Make an appointment. I’m horrible at accomplishing tasks that require me to set an appointment. Ironic, yes? Appointments that will be set in the new year: doctor, dentist, hair, massage, dates. This is gonna be a good year!

d.    Be less critical of myself and/ or others. My husband tells me at least once a week that I’m being too hard on myself. He’s probably right. All I can do is my best, and that’s all I can expect from others as well.

e.    Practice patience and have a servant’s heart In the Bible, we are charged to be servants in everything that we do.  I forget that sometimes. But think of all the things you could accomplish if you approached it humbly and enthusiastically! A difficult feat, for sure, but something I’m definitely going to try to accomplish!

That wraps up my New Year’s resolutions! I hope it has inspired you to make some important changes of your own. And now, I’m off to pamper myself!




Annie said...

What a great list! I'm the same way about appointments. If I want my hair or something done, I want it done now! Who knows if I'll be in the mood two weeks from now. Not to mention Dr.'s apts that are months or even years in advance.

Oh, I have a new little button on my blog if you want to replace the oldie you have on your "places we love" side bar. No pressure...it would just be cuter for everyone involved. :-)

Jr. Mint said...

I'm not a resolution setter but your list has been really inspiring. I, too, am horrible at appointments. Specifically ones that pamper myself - haircuts, pedis, etc. Thanks for the extra push!

Anonymous said...

E. is always on my prayer list. It's so hard for me to think of serving as a strength. But I only think it's a weakness when I apply to my own life, when I see it others I think they're awesome! I would loving a servant's heart for new years.

Diana said...

Loving your list!! I totally agree with the pampering part.... it's something that women tend to push to the side but really I think it help maintain sanity and confidence!

I also love the part about having a servants heart..... I was actually just reminding myself today of that.