Monday, January 17, 2011

The Makings of a Weekend.

Want to know how I spent my weekend?

Doing absolutely nothing. And it was glorious.

Oh, wait, I went to a photography workshop hosted by RM Photography! I did learn tons of helpful hints! I have to admit, I’m falling more and more in love with photography. Each time I learn new things it’s like opening a present! And inside the box is a great big Cadbury Egg! I love those things…

Anywho, the rest of my weekend was spent spending quality time with Bear. He even wrote me a love note on my hand during church:


Yes. He had to include Lucy.

The rest of my weekend was spent dreaming of how I plan to spruce up my new office space.


Yeah. I have an office now.  After a year of staring at the glorious grey fabric walls of a cubicle, I have been allowed to move into my very own office space. It even has a window. I am super excited and very appreciative!

So guess what’s up next? If you said office inspiration posts, you’re exactly right!

Stay tuned.



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