Monday, February 21, 2011

The Makings of a Weekend: An Afternoon with Kara


This weekend I was privileged to snap some photos of a beautiful little girl who’s about to turn four years old! Kara is the daughter of my friend and coworker, Kristina.  Kara has Rhett syndrome and she and her momma have gone through a lot together while seeking treatment for her disability, but Kara was all smiles for her big girl photo shoot this weekend! She has the sweetest spirit and is just a doll! (and WHOA those eyelashes!) Thanks so much, Kristina and Kara for letting me hang!

DSC_0200croppededitedDSC_0089edited b&wDSC_0128editedDSC_0153edited

DSC_0180 b&w



laura said...

great shots and darling little model. :) the yellow chair is the PERFECT prop...and the complimentary color of blue in her hair accessory? amazing. good work!!!

i also have a perdy little RDR button on my blog. just thought i'd let you know, cause 1,234,545 people are gonna flood your way. just want you to be prepared. ;)

Rebecca said...

Lovely!! Great job!!