Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What’s in the cart?

I recently did this post where I showed you the contents of my bag. Inside was my grocery list for this week. It’s a fairly standard staples list for us, so I thought I’d share with you a little bit about how we eat at the Ahlgrim Haus.


This week’s list:

-Salad (2 bags)


-Grapes (they make an awesome frozen treat!

-Bananas (excellent on-the-go nourishment!)

-Red Bell pepper (I like these on everything!)

-Chicken breasts (2 pkgs)

-Chicken tenderloins (we like chicken, okay?)

-Granola bars (are we seeing a theme with the quick snacks?)

-V-8 (even though I’m probably the only person on earth who loves it!)

-Eggo blueberry waffles (I slather these with peanut butter for breakfast. Yum!)

-Melba toast (for cheese, jam, tuna, hummus, etc)

-Fat Free string cheese


-Whole grain toast (and by toast, I mean bread… )

-low fat swiss cheese (for sandwiches, crackers, and baking onto chicken)

-Skim Milk

-Whole grain rice

-Fat free ranch

And that’s just my list! Ryan always gets yogurt, lunch meat, cookies, etc for his lunch.

What are your staples?



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Diana said...

I always wonder what other people get at the grocery store! I might do a post like this also :) Good idea!