Thursday, February 24, 2011

My life in iPhone photos

Here’s a bit of my life as of late:

What’s that? 111 points for the word “handout”?! Yes I did.

Perusing the dollar store, I found this Lisa Frank gem which brought back memories of scrunchies and ruffled socks with my over-sized sweatshirts. (I seriously didn’t realize LF was still around!)

My dress form came! She’s perfect. My friends and family are a bit creeped out by her. I haven’t named her yet. Any suggestions?

My V-day loot including my favorite mug from this post! I bagged a winner, ladies. He’s all mine!

My first time to hold my precious nephew, Shep. Can you tell I’ve been bawling? *sigh* it was magical.

Snowpocolypse 2011: apparently peanut butter m&ms make for good rations around the office. Those folks get HUNGRY! Less than 24 hours for this giant bag to vanish!

I saw a pillow that I wanted, but I didn’t want to pay $30 for it, so I just made one instead! Want to learn how? I’ll teach you!

And love notes from my husband, written on my hand during church. I like how he had to include our wonder dog too. <3

Life looks pretty good through the lens of my iPhone these days. It’s even better in real life!




Kris said...

Great pictures!.. I love the pillow. I've seen similar ones all over town. Actually we recently got a new bedspread and bedding and they had several pillows with that same look that matched the new stuff, but Coy decided it was too girly for him. lol

Nicole Ioma said...

what great photos! and good job on your 111 point word =) I always get WAY over excited when I score big, especially when it's not a huge word!