Monday, March 7, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Reveal

We’ve been renovating our bathroom for about-uhhhhh- a year. Well, okay, not exactly. We left it unfinished after moving in and we’ve just been using the hall bathroom. But we stripped it down to the studs and fixed ‘er up! I must say, it’s quite the transition. You can’t tell from the before photos, but this bathroom was NAS-TAY. Mold and all:



And now here is the fabulous AFTER!


Before, you couldn’t sit on the toilet without turning sideways because your knees would hit the side of the sink console. We opted for a more shallow sink and toilet combo to allow for optimal movement while doing business (TMI?)


The shower before was dark and tiny. The ceiling was inexplicably lowered and the miniature shower door was attached to a wall that jutted out- cutting the bathroom in half and making it feel even smaller! We opted to raise the ceiling and extend the tile work up to the ceiling. We also chose a clear shower door that runs across the entire width of the bathroom. We worked hard on that tile! Gotta show it off!


Here’s what we did:

-ripped everything out (we found pink 50s tile underneath the ugly 70s tile!)

-replaced subfloor

-fixed plumbing under the house

-added an electrical outlet (there were ZERO outlets!) and grounded the electrical

-drywall, mudding, taping

-added some sweet hexagon tile on the floor and subway tile in the shower (cement board, mortar, tile, and grout)


-installed new lighting fixtures and fan

-repaired ventilation-added base boards and trim

-added ceiling texture (not our first choice, but it matches the rest of the house)

-installed sink console

-installed toilet and plumbing fixtures (faucets and shower head)

Things we paid for:

-Plumber fixed pipes that had disintegrated and adjusted water pressure

-Shower door installation

-Concrete shower pan

BOOM. We DIO (did it ourselves) like nobody’s business! All told, we spent right around $2000 for the entire renovation! {What?!}

I can’t even express how happy I am with the results! What do you think?

We start demo-ing the hall bathroom THIS WEEKEND!!! {bye-bye ugly tile!}


p.s. Little-known fact: Bear and I used to keep a Home Improvement blog to chronicle our adventures in owning our first home. Go here to see it!


Megan V said...

Wow, it looks great!! Such a drastic improvement. I love the hexagon tile on the floor - so nice! Oh and that soap? It's amazing and my favorite. :D

Allison said...


Mel74033 said...

Awesome job, you two. What a transformation!!! Can't wait to see the hall bath re-do!

harmonybatham said...

Beautiful!!! We're renovating our house too and there is nothing like the satisfaction of taking those 'after' pictures:) The subway and honeycomb tile is just like what I have picked out for our master bath:)

Ashley said...

Wow!! Looks awesome. I love the tile and the new vanity. :)

Rebecca said...

I love it! It looks amazing!

Alyssa said...

Love the sink, from Home Depot yeah? I only know because a few months ago we got a new one from there and the one you got was definitely one of my favs! :)