Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ahlgrim Haus: The Master Bedroom

After posting our master bathroom renovation pics, I received a few requests to show the rest of our “master suite”. I use that term loosely because let’s be real: we live in a mid-century ranch-style house. Things are a little tight around here! But we love every square inch of it!

It occurs to me that I’ve never shown pictures of this room before. And after looking at these pictures, it also occurs to me that this is because this is one of the rooms on which we’ve spent the least amount of time and money!  But here it is, in all it’s half-finished glory!


Ignore the fact that we have a naked, off-center window. I can assure you that the other window in the room (not pictured) is fully clothed. And ignore the fact that we don’t have a bedskirt… my goodness, our room is totally naked! Oh, and side note, the walls will soon be painted a light grey. (The same grey pictured in our bathroom renovation pictures)



The lamps used to be a bland beige color. I recently got a wild hair and sprayed them a shiny apple green! I LOVE how they turned out! DSC_0202DSC_0204

Come back tomorrow for a breakdown of where we found all of our treasured items in this room!



Kris said...

We have the same bed spread. How magical is that? lol We just bought our's a few weeks ago.

jessie b said...

ok funny... i use to have the same picture/painting of the tree (on the left side of the bed)... but i painted over it. unfortunately the sandy texture showed thru a little and my faces had weird little bumps on their noses :)

anyway, hi! love seeing your remodeling/decorating...even if it's not 'finished' or 'perfect'