Friday, March 25, 2011

Bedroom Breakdown

Wanna know where we scored our bedroom swag? Here’s the quick breakdown, and a list of what’s to come!


1. Art from Target

2. Paint color: Eddie Bauer Home Craftsman Bungalow Mercer Colors- Mercer Blue (EB32-2)

3. Lamps from Old Time Pottery, sprayed green

4. Bedding from Target

5. Chest salvaged and painted white

6. Night stands from a small furniture store in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. Painted white.

So what’s to come?

-Curtains. Like I mentioned yesterday, the larger window in the room has a set of curtains. It’s time to make a second set to match and cover up those blinds! Plus, it will mask the fact the the window is horribly off center!

-Rug. We can’t find the rug. Not just A rug. THEE rug. Ya know? Plus, we want to find a good deal on one, so we’re holding out for fate to take hold!

-Paint. We love this color, but we’ve sort of out grown the hue. We’d like a more crisp palette to match our bedding, so we’ve elected to use the same grey used in the bathrooms to coat the walls!

-Bedskirt. I have no excuse for this one. I’ve just been putting it off ever since we switched from a king-size bed to a queen. It’s probably time.

-Art. I love the art, but we want something more graphic for this room. Always on the prowl for that perfect piece!

Thanks for taking a peek at our little Sleep Sanctuary!


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Megan V said...

It's already gorgeous but I am imagining your 'still to come' improvements and It is going to be PERRRFECT. I love it so much! xo meg