Thursday, June 17, 2010

…before the storm…

I love how a summer morning feels.  Any other time of year you won’t find me up early, but when the temperatures rise and the days become longer, my feet hit the floor as soon as that sun hits the horizon.  It’s my favorite time, really. A quiet house. No pressing issues (unless you consider ‘what to wear?’ a pressing issue, which I suppose sometimes it is!). Just Lucy, a cup of coffee, and me watching the family of cardinals out in our back yard. It’s beautiful… in these quiet moments of my life I have my greatest inspirations and most intimate moments with a living God.  I savor every minute of the cool summer breeze and  shadows that still lie across our lawn…..for in mere moments one’s life is made.


I hope you’re embracing this Thursday… it’s been such a crazy two weeks that I’m really appreciating any quiet time I can get.  Come back later this afternoon for some inspiration :)





christinaalessi said...

It's funny you posted this.
I've been getting up at 5am a few days a week for fitness boot camp. Afterwards, I have a couple hours of free time before I go to work. As someone who is usually a staunch night-owl, I am SHOCKED at how much I love that time. I walk the dogs around the neighborhood park and I feel like we have the place to ourselves. I can actually sit and enjoy a cup of tea.
Summer mornings really are magical.

Roxanne said...

I just adore you so much. Thought you should know :)

Roxanne said...

I just adore you so much. Thought you should know :)