Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Bathroom is in the Works!

Bear and I used to have a home improvement blog. Well, it still exists, but after our big kitchen redesign, we took a break from the blog- an indefinite break. BUT we certainly haven’t taken a break from working on our little mid-century ranch house.  We’ve hung curtains, painted rooms, added light fixtures in three different rooms, rearranged furniture, torn down our old rusty patio cover, planted boxwood hedges in our overgrown front planters, and ripped out a bathroom that is currently being rebuilt!  We got new energy-efficient windows, and we’re getting a new roof and gutters today! If you’re a homeowner you know there’s always something to do! In fact, we’ve got a list that’s a mile long… you’re welcome to browse the archives of Mid-Century Midwest to see what we’ve accomplished thus far (we’ve come a LOOOOONG way!) and I hope you’ll join in my enthusiasm in posting house updates on RDR from now on!
As I said, we’re currently working on our “master” shoebox bathroom. In fact, we’re ready and waiting for the shower pan to be poured so that we can finally get to tiling!  There were some interesting finds during demo, and we made videos to document them. I’ll post those when it’s closer to time to reveal the bathroom.  For now, I’ll just keep building the anticipation by showing you some heinous before pictures AND some inspirational pictures for the “new” bathroom design!

Okay, you really can’t understand the extent of the disgusting from these pictures… we literally have NEVER used this bathroom.  It was so gross when we moved in that we just closed the door and used the hall bathroom until we could get around to renovating our little one.  Well, now is the time and I couldn’t be happier!

We’re going for white. I think the walls will end up being grey. We’ve already got a lot of blue going on in the bedroom and hallway, so grey will be a nice, cool,  neutral palette to create some harmony.  We had initially wanted wainscoting, but because the room is so small, we’ve decided against it.  Contrast tends to make a room look a bit smaller, and we certainly don’t need that in there!  I’m super excited to get to the “fun stuff”, but we’ve still got some grunt work ahead of us for now! I hope you’ll come along for the adventure!

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