Friday, June 18, 2010

Rock the House

I just got my House Industries {free} catalog in the mail today and let me tell you- I’m in love… I totally never expected to gain so much inspiration from such a tiny little book but just look at it!


And that’s just the cover!

It’s chock full of FANTASTIC images!  The colors are amazing and you would swear that the letters and symbols are originals from mid-century. The catalog features the Eames Century Modern typographic workhorse which they developed after extensive research into Charles' and Ray’s work and lives!



“We derived a clear framework for this project from the way Charles and Ray used type in their illustrations, films, layouts, exhibitions, and ephemera. Since much of their design work refers to the rich typographic tradition of Victorian printing, the typeface would incorporate a wide selection of styles that reinforce the utilitarian, mirthful, and beautiful tangents of the Eames oeuvre.”

There’s a great foreward, and some bits and pieces of interviews thrown in highlighted in their gorgeous, light-hearted fonts… I just wish I could frame every page!



If you’d like your own free House Industries catalog, go here.

Happy Friday!




Anonymous said...

Um. This is amazing.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

im totally going to have to sign up for this catalog.
and i looove yoru blog. so lovely. :)