Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Questions- Answered!

Whew! Well, I survived and made it to the deadline!  I just want to say thank you so much for all of the positive words and feedback you’ve given.  You have no idea how much it means to have your support!  I hope you’ll stick around because there are more good things headed this way- including an RDR giveaway and a shop update with some pretty vintage dresses!! 

Things are still coming together- everything is a work in progress, right?  But I have no doubt that the journey is the best and most important part!  I’d be so pleased if each of you would join me for it… and I’d be forever grateful!

I’ve gotten a few questions already about the shop, so I’ll go ahead and answer some of them here, AND I’ve added a formspring to the sidebar (left), so feel free to ask me anything you want- completely anonymously!

1. Why did you decide to start RDR?

I’ll be completely honest with you: I’m freakishly good at finding good bargains. I get it from my Mom and my Nana.  I was raised to appreciate the things you have- even if they’re used.  Through that, I came to appreciate the quality and value that come with things that last decades… so I’m super picky about what I pick out for the shop now.  I want to do the same for other people- find quality vintage at a great bargain! Here’s my Mom and Nana determining the authenticity of a piece. See where I get it?


2. Where do you find the clothes/ vintage wares in the shop?

I mostly find them at thrift and vintage stores.  Every once in a while friends or family will give me things just to sell- and sometimes they make a stop in my wardrobe before heading all the way to the inventory list, but that’s just one more stop in their history! I love thinking about who may have owned or worn a piece! It’s fun to make up their stories and their lives!


3. Is this your “day job”?

Nope! RDR is just a labor of love right now. I put lots of hours into it so far, and I can’t imagine how much more work is still ahead of me! I work full time as an assistant to an executive of a third party claim administrator. I am pretty lucky to have coworkers and a boss that I absolutely adore.


4. Do you and Bear have kids?

Nope! Just our Lucy for right now!


5. What kind of dog is Lucy?

She’s a cocker spaniel! She’s parti-colored with ticking and we’re tickled to death that she’s a part of our family!


6. What kind of camera do you use?

Ugh. Right now I just use a digital point and shoot SANYO.  It’s getting the job done, but it sure does take a lot longer than it needs to! I’m currently saving up for a brand spankin new camera and I would LOOOVE your input! Thanks!

7. How did you get the name “Red Dirt Revival”?

Red dirt is a big Oklahoma thing. In parts of our state, we have a rich red clay rather than mud or dirt.  As a kid, we used to go down to the creek and squish our toes into it… the name reminds me of those days and sort of resurrects my inner child.  Plus I’m obsessed with alliteration.


That’s all for now! If you’ve got a question for me, please feel free to submit it into the formspring!

Hope your week gets off to a great start!



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Anonymous said...

Chelsea - everything looks great! I have my eye on a few things already!

I'm going to give you a shout out on my site.

Also, did you get my email? I will have goodies out to you soon!