Monday, June 14, 2010

Mysterious Ways…

  This weekend I decided to take a little break from working on the shop and do some thrifting (oh the irony…) Whilst perusing my favorite haunt, I happened upon a beautiful sight… an entire shelf of polaroid cameras! (Do you see the light and hear the baby angel choir?!)


Now, I already own a polaroid which I will be listing in the shop soon, and although it’s super cool, it’s a pretty common model.  BUT I spied something very interesting… see that camera waaaay to the right? That’s a Polaroid SX 70.  It’s a pretty rare model in that you don’t see a ton of them for sale just floating around your local thrift shop. Since this store always sells their polaroids for $4.98, I swiped it up. But when I got to the register, THEY WOULDN’T SELL IT! Why? The price had been rubbed off… I was sick to my stomach. They asked me to come back Monday or Tuesday, so I’m going to call and see if they have it.  Cross your fingers!

Okay, the story gets a little better, though. I decided to  drown my sorrows with a Dr. Pepper and a bit more thrifting at another store and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a vintage typewriter in the PERFECT shade of 50s mint green! My favorite! Even the keys are mint green! 



It’s not especially rare, but it’s certainly not something you see every day- especially not in my favorite color! It has the original case AND cleaning brushes!  On the case a name and address are scrawled in pencil: Ola Mae Johnson from Bethany, Oklahoma. It appears to be in working order, but I have yet to actually attempt to use it- even though Ola Mae was kind enough to leave me some paper too!

It made my day… now just cross your fingers that my polaroid is still there today!





Jr. Mint said...

Oh I love old polaroid cameras. My Mommom used to have one. i hope it is still there.

lauren verity said...

that typewriter is lovely! i've been hunting around for one for months but haven't had much luck. everything remotely good looking is at least $300. boo:( now that i saw yours i want one just as pretty! i would LOVE a pink one though:)

RedDirtRevival said...

a pink one would be beautiful! I bet pink ones are difficult to find!

TheEverDazzling said...

That typewriter is amazing! A wonderful find! Fingers crossed for your polaroid