Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Weekend!

It’s the first weekend of fall! I’ll be working on  Red Dirt Revival stuff tonight while Ryan’s in class (don’t forget the Red Dirt Revival End of Summer Sale is still going on!), tomorrow we’ll be tiling, and Sunday is reserved for fellowship at Frontline, grocery shopping and a DIY project!  I plan on picking up some ingredients for apple cider and something Autumn-ish to bake!

What are your plans? Any fall festivities? Fair food? Pumpkin picking? Baking?! I KNOW some of you are baking, so tell me what you’re making (and when to be there…) Also, have you started decorating for fall? I started to pull mine out last weekend, then I sort of chickened out and only put up two or three things.. I have TONS! Is it time?!

Spun Pumpkins

Most of all, have a lovely weekend!




lauren verity said...

apple cider? yum! can't wait to see your diy project:) i actually am planning on baking too! i'm doing a mini photo shoot for a holiday ad and want to make a red and green cake. i can't wait! and while i'm at it, i want to experiment w/ some type of pumpkin cupcake. have an amazing weekend! oh, and it's the PERFECT time to whip out your fall decor i think!

Annie said...

I am LOVING the spun pumpkins! Is that what you're making? Too cute. I'm furniture shopping this weekend! Woohhoooo!

Kris said...

I decorated Sunday for Fall!! The temperatures dropped and it just felt so right to pick out pumpkins so we did!