Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Fall Decor 2010

With the first cool temperatures of fall came the urge to bust out the Fall decor! And believe me, I have plenty of it! But this year, I wanted something different. I usually lean toward the usual oranges, browns, and reds. Here are last year’s fall decorations (and our fireplace wasn’t painted yet! So strange!")




It’s come a long way, no? but this year, I wanted a little less “harvest” and a little more “hocus pocus”. So I scoured my shelves and closets and gathered as many spooktacular items as would fit on our dining room table- and threw in some of our old Halloween favorites too:


WOAH. Right? First things first: some of these items just didn’t have the sterile-creepy vibe I wanted. So it was time to give a little make over to a few items.- pumpkins, candle sticks, and little statues got a shiny new coat of creepy:



Tip: to make spraying easier, I stuck bamboo shish kabob spears through these foam pumpkins then stuck them into the ground to dry!


Then it was time to pare down and try different combinations. And the results? Well, JUST eerie enough to be Halloween, but still simple enough to stay up all Autumn long!







DSC_0124 (2)

 DSC_0110 (2)

DSC_0125 (2)

 DSC_0114 (2)

 DSC_0115 (2)

 DSC_0116 (2)

DSC_0119 (2)



My branches still had this little guy hanging on them. Cool, huh?

I’m sure these displays will change TEN times before Halloween even gets here, but for now, I really love them! So how much did I spend this year? $3. Yep. Three bucks. And that makes for an even Happier Halloween!

Come back next week for a cool DIY Halloween wreath!




Laura Bobbett said...

this is so cute. yet so...creepy. i love it!

Kris said...

I love it!... Coy and I are carving pumpkins soon and I can hardly wait!

lauren verity said...

your display is so... creepy, but good looking creepy:) i'm still debating over fall or halloween decor, because i know i won't update come November 1st... i've never done full out fall decor and i think i might try it!

Rachel said...

I absolutely love all of this. I'm going for the same creepy look. It's so funny because last year I didn't stray from the traditional fall theme and colors. Have you seen those amazing green/grey large squash? they are so beautifully spooky, I just love them. I had to restrain myself from buying more than would fit on our little stoop. Are those frames with the changing pictures a purchase or a DIY. I love the subtlety. Most halloween decorations like that are too fake looking.