Monday, September 13, 2010

Reunited and it feels so goo-ood!

Earlier this year I had a tragic encounter with a vintage, fold-out Polaroid SX 70. I’ve had a little Polaroid-shaped hole in my heart ever since.  And every time I would see pictures of other people’s Polaroids, I’d get a little teary. (and by “teary” I mean enraged that the salesperson would not sell me that gorgeous specimen). Recently I saw on Amanda's blog that a friend of hers had just scored a Polaroid very similar to the one that got away. I, of course, was envious, but was able to reign in my jealousy and move on with my life.  But then fate stepped in. That weekend, I went to Tulsa to visit my mother and we decided to hit up some garage sales. And what to my wondering eyes did appear…. A VINTAGE FOLD-OUT POLAROID SX70! It’s not in quite as flawless as the last one, but it’s still in pretty good shape!

<cue baby angel choir>



I’m very happy. I also scored two other pretties for my growing collection of cameras (red konika and yellow le Clic) with original matching cases:



along with the lovely French translation book from the 60s. Here’s a better look:


and some pretty wooden thimbles:


I also found a great vintage,plaid, wool skirt to list in RDR later this week! I’d say the weekend was a success!

How was your weekend?



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Brooke Ann Dove said...

I love it when the stars align and Polaroid cameras appear. Congrats, she's a keeper!