Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A few finds:

I haven’t had much chance to do my usual amount of thrifting, but I have found a few treasures here and there. 

This bag and pearls were part of a package of items that were sent to me by my lovely mother in-law!  There was WAY more to the package, but I particularly loved these little gems.  The bag has a pretty turquoise lining inside too!




I saw this little ceramic cocker spaniel sitting underneath a table at a garage sale and I knew I had to take him home!  After all, he reminded me of our own little cocker spaniel!


Lucy isn’t too fond of him, though…..

And these earrings were too cute to pass up! They aren’t missing any stones or petals on the flowers and the clips still work! I’ll probably convert them to stud or hook earrings, but they’re still pretty for now!


So there you go! I always manage to squeeze in a little treasure hunting.  Have you found anything inspiring recently? I feel like all the good stuff has been snatched up for right now. People went through their closets at the end of winter and donated or had garage sales, so at least in the metro area, things feel pretty picked-over. But if you look really hard, you can always find some great stuff!

I hope you’re having a good week! I’m just excited that it’s already Wednesday! I loved three day weekends because they always lead to a shorter work week!



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m.fay said...

cute cute! your blog is wonderful...happy to find it! hope you stop by mine and say hello.