Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Giveaway!

Earlier this week I mentioned that I had been organizing my inventory and found some pretties that I just love! Today, my friends, we’re giving it away! 





Included in this giveaway:

-Two vintage paint-by-number paintings (dated 1957 on the back)

-Whimsical Vintage child’s rosary

-Pretty little vintage floral enamel brooch

-Super cute vintage brass squirrel

-A whole lotta lovin’ from me.


Rules to Enter:

All you have to do for a chance to win is be a follower of the Red Dirt Revival Blog (go to the window on the right labeled “Followers” and select “Follow”)


and leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite summer pastime! For an extra entry, tweet about our giveaway and make sure you add @reddirtrevival!

THAT’S IT! I will randomly choose a winner Sunday evening and announce the winner on Monday!

Gear up for the weekend, folks! And stay cool!





Annie said...

Awesome! Love the squirrel. SO CUTE! I am (of course) a follower.

Rebecca said...

ooohh favorite summer pastimes, where do i begin?! i love driving to the beach with my feet on the dashboard, wind blowing through my hair, admiring a fresh pedicure in a bikini top and cut-offs singing loudly to country music. :) i love the paintings! hope you are doing well :)

craftyminx said...

Chelsea, thanks for letting me know about this super cute giveaway :) My favorite summer pastime is getting snocones! They are little cups of happieness.

blueeyedfreckle said...

I love summer food. watermelon, berries, yum oh yum. And traveling around the world.

and I love those paint by numbers!

vintagewithatwist said...

Ooooh I'm loving those! So cute! And your bangs look really cute! I am so tweeting this. If I can figure out how

Jade-lauren said...

Well hello there lovely lady.
I'm Jade-lauren.
And I am loving your blog. So glad to be able to follow it.

My favorite summer pastime would be summer itself! Just kidding dear, well sort of, it's Winter here at the moment and I rather miss Summer quite a lot.
Nevertheless, my favorite summer pastime was just this last summer. I went away on holiday with my lovely dear boyfriend and his delightful family.
One day we walked down to this beautiful beach, and oh was that sun shining down on us *I fell in to the ring of fire*
Well firstly. I am rather self conscious, and wearing a bathing suite is a scary thing for me. But I did it! Wobbles and all! So, I waddled down to the water (though it was summer, it was rather nippy) and my boyfriend grabbed me and through me in to the water (not quite as graceful as scenes from The Note Book) and the water was like ice! I made a few Titanic jokes.
So we were swimming and frolicking in the waves...until I saw something...big...and jelly like.
It was a giant jelly fish!
And I screamed like a little girl and ran out that water so fast you wouldn't have even seen me!

The thing is.
It wasn't even a real jelly fish.
It was only a piece, a really big piece I might add, of a jelly fish! And it had long ago past it's expiry date!
I felt so embarrassed.
And the sad thing was, I refused to go back in to the water until our last day of our holiday.

But it was a memory I will never forget, and defiantly my favorite summer pastime (swimming that is...with or without jelly fish)

Much love.

Jade-lauren said...
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Jade-lauren said...

*i meant "threw" me in the water.

kat ann said...

woohoo how exciting! love your blog.
my favorite summer past time is taking mini road trips JUST for the thrifting and flea markets. nothing makes me happier!

courtney.janelle.sews said...

Hi miss Chels, thanks for the heads up, such a pretty pretty giveaway!

My favorite summer pastime would be swimming...especially going to the swimming beach at the lake (I'm landlocked, no fancy "real" beaches for me!). It's been a long long while because my current love doesn't share my love of swimming. But I remember with my ex, sometimes going to the lake was the only thing that brought us back together after a big fight!

The Chick said...

Favorite past time would have to be going to spring creek (in Tahlequah OK) to swim! It's so beautiful there but I don't think I could live there, it doesn't have a 7eleven on every corner like OKC. :)

vintagewithatwist said...

Um I forgot to write my favorite summer past time, lame.
Mine is going to garage sales! Every summer my family goes to city wide garage sales and I love it! I also love that everyones home from college and can hang out all the time :)

Beatriz said...

Crap! I missed it. Oh well. Love the brass squirrel. What a cutie pie! I Love little curiosities like that.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Love!


Kayla & Brien said...

My favorite summer pastime is the ability to finally go antiquing in many of the tourist centers that close during the winter (up north) and go south to pick for brand new things to stock their stores with for when the season starts again! They find such wonderful treasures and I love it!! I am a follower on Twitter!! @crazieaggie09!